Christianity Today Vol. 59 No. 9 Nov 2015

7 Editor’s Note

Andy Crouch sees a better church than what media suggest.

9 Reply All: Readers respond to the September issue via letters and blog posts.


21 Witness: Churches offer tiny homes to homeless.

22 Gleanings: Why pastors quit, Israel’s Christian schools end strike, and Samson appears as 14th-century Yoda.

24 Headlines Christian colleges avert crisis-for now-over gay-marriage policies.

26 In Depth: Will Success Spoil Cuba’s Revival?


33 Where We Stand A Church Welcome for the Tired, the Poor

36 Truth Be Told Christena Cleveland says we’ve lost the spirit of servant leadership.

38 Spirited Life Andrew Wilson asks: Do babies go to heaven?

40 The Power of Our Weakness: By many accounts Orthodox Christians have lost the culture wars. How they can flourish-not vanish-in a time of retreat
Michael Gerson, Peter Wehner

50 WHEN ISLANDS OF MEANING SINK BENEATH US: I try to find the meaning of my wife’s suffering, but I often come up dry and gasping.
Douglas Groothuls

56 WHY RIGHTEOUSNESS MATTERS: Godly behavior, it turns out. is the way to reach a lost and sinful world.
Christopher J. H. Wright

62 THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST S(P)ENDING CRUNCH: The missions agency of the largest US Protestant denomination faces a $21 million deficit. Could it spell the end of the full-time missionary?

Bob Smietana


69 Books

Terry Lindvall’s God Mocks,
review by Wesley Hill

Top 5: Terry Lindvall on religious satire

Adam McHugh’s The
Listening Life,
by John Koessler

Interview: John Danforth’s
The Relevance of Religion

74 Music:
Let’s admit it: 20 years later, Jesus Freak is still an excellent album.

104 Testimony Tedashii: from called-out chump to Christian rapper.