Christianity Today Vol. 59 No. 10 Dec 2015

7 Editor’s Note: Katelyn Beaty praises work, wherever it’s done.

9 Reply All: Readers respond to the October issue via letters and blog posts.


17 Witness: Hacking for the Kingdom

18 Gleanings; ECFA drops Gospel for Asia, UK orders missionaries out, and Guatemala elects evangelical entertainer.

20 Headlines-In Depth: How women who aborted feel about the church.


25 Where We Stand: The Poverty of Christmas

28 Bodies & Souls Matthew Loftus calls Christians to public policy.

30 Her.meneutics: Jen Pollock Michel searches for true home.

34 The Proverbs 31 Woman has a Facebook Page: Inside the multilevel marketing phenomenon making its way to your church
Kate Shellnut with reporting by Hannah Anderson

42 COMET OF WONDER: A biblical scholar ventures an explanation of the mysterious star that guided the Magi to Jesus.
Interview by Greg Cootsona

46 THE RESISTER: Diet Eman endured Hitler’s occupation of her homeland separated from her fiance, Hein Sietsma. But apart, they served in the Dutch Underground saving 60 Jews from certain death.
Suzanne Burden

54 WHEN GOD HITS BELOW THE BELT: Sometimes he pulls us into the ring-but he always gives us grace to endure.
Mark S. Gignilliat

60 GROWING HOPE IN OAXACA: To serve people in developing countries, you have to help them think differently about their agency
Bruce Wydick


67 Books
Daniel K. Williams’s Defenders of the Unborn, review by Robert Tracy McKenzie

Norman Wirzba’sFrom Nature to Creation, by Gracy Olmstead

Excerpt: from 40/40 Vision, by Peter Greer and Greg Lafferty

Interview: Sarah Sumner’s Angry Like Jesus

80 Testimony: God parted the waters for Juliet Liu Waite’s family. They just didn’t know it.