Dramatics Vol. 87 No. 3

11 Journal: Sorting the schools
Harper Lee

13 New York: Shakespeare gets a hand
Jeffrey Sweet

17 On Acting: The conversation
Jon Jory

20 Strut and Fret: Thespians go to market, and Broadway goes back to school

24 The light at the end of the tunnel Help and hope for the long, dark college season
Julie York Coppens

32 The audition monologue A handbook
Laura Wayth

42 The portfolio interview What college reps want to know about your design chops.

46 Line it up Get yourself organized or get lost in the crowd
Tracey Moore

54 Success, in five short scenes Another one of those college advice articles
Aliza Goldstein

60 Living in questions Inside a college theatre production
Harper Lee

68 College Theatre Index Vital stats on some 300 programs, from our online database

94 Girl’s Own A new short play
Judy GeBauer

98 Trending: The life span of a wireless mic battery

100 Thespian Nation: State chapter news and events