Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 43 No. 4 Winter 2015

231 The Relationship of Self-Compassion with Perfectionistic Self-Presentation, Perceived Forgiveness, and Perceived Social Support in an Undergraduate Christian Community
Kaitlyn E. Brodar, Laura Barnard Crosskey, and Robert J. Thornpson, Jr.

243 Church Support as a Predictor of Children’s Spirituality and Prosocial Behavior
Robert G. Crosby III and Erin I. Srnith

255 Intellectual Humility and Forgiveness of Religious Conflict
Hansong Zhang, Jennifer E. Farrell, Joshua N. Hook, Don E. Davis, Daryl R. Van Tongeren, and Kathryn A Johnson

263 Relational Commitment as a Mediator of Religiousness to Marital Quality
Joel c. Mitchell, Keith J. Edwards, Scott B. Hunt, and Paul Poelstra

271 God Images and Resilience: A Study of Vietnamese Immigrants
Thanh Tu Nguyen, Christian Bellehumeur, and Judith Malette

283 Mental Health of Cross-Cultural Healthcare Missionaries
Mark A Strand, Lauren M. Pinkston, Alice I. Chen, and Jarrett W. Richardson

294 Index for Volume 43