Dramatics Vol. 87 No. 4 Dec 2015

10 Journal: ‘Charm’ in Chicago
Keny Reid

14 New York: The evolution of the musical
Jeffrey Sweet

18 On Acting: Please stop emoting
Jon Jory

20 Strut and Fret
Our 2016 essay contest topic is announced

22 Eating and acting: The performer’s uneasy relationship with food
Michael Bigelow Dixon

30 You should write a play: Or a musical, and send it to us
Stephen Gregg

39 The 3-minute play: From zero to script in about an hour
Saviana Stanescu

42 The Exile and the Onion Girl: A new play by Lindsay Price

59 Trending: The auditorium calendar

60 Thespian Nation: Chapter news and event schedules