Psychology Today Vol. 49 No. 1 Jan/Feb 2016

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9-21 Insights How we choose, shape, and relate to our favorite places-indoors and out.

23 Unconventional Wisdom

25 ECCENTRIC’S CORNER Culinary historian Bee Wilson has some thoughts about why we eat so poorly and who’s to blame.

29 SUPPLEMENTAL SCIENCE Vitamin Dis crucial for minds and bodies. Most of us need more of it.

32 MATING: Mindfulness may play a vital role in helping land a partner.

34 2-MINUTE MEMOIR: A divorcee discovers that her ex-husband is perfect in the role of partial spouse.

39 BOOKS: A 20th-century effort to create a database of dreams is a parable for the modern era.

42 Odd Emotions: We often experience feelings we can’t quite describe: The sense that everyone knows the way forward but us; the tranquility of being inside during a storm. Discover how wrapping our heads around these emotions, and even naming them, can boost our mental health.

52 Trivers’ Pursuit: Evolution’s enfant terrible, Robert Trivers, has been lauded as one of our greatest thinkers. But even as he’s won his accolades, this renegade scientist has irked academia with blunt talk and bad manners.

60 How to Pick a President: Vitality is necessary. Ditto optimism. But governing today also requires traits rooted in the cortex, like curiosity and judgment-qualities of the leader we need, if not the one we want.

68 My Brother, the Unabomber: Ted and David Kaczynski were closely bonded in childhood. Decades later, when David discovered that his beloved brother had a terrible secret, he faced a test like no other.