Biblica Vol 96. No. 3 Winter 2015

350 H.-J. Stipp: Zwei alte Jeremia-Erzählungen: Jeremia 28* und 36*. Fallstudien
zum Ursprung der Jeremia-Erzähltradition

374 T Booij: Psalm 118 and Form Criticism

390 N. Samet: The Gilgamesh Epic and the Book of Qohelet: A New Look

415 A. Romanov: Through One Lord Only: Theological Interpretation of the
Meaning of διά in 1 Cor 8,6

427 J.J. Krause: Aesthetics of Production and Aesthetics of Reception in Analyzing Intertextuality: Illustrated with Joshua 2

441 J. Beutler:”Reich Gottes” im Johannesevangelium

446 Vetus Testamentum
F Mies: C.L. SEOW, Job 1-21

450 H. Engel: D.L. GERA, Judith

453 N. Calduch-Benages: T.A. ELLIS, ‘ Gender’ in the Book of Ben Sira

456 A.A. Di Lelia: T. HOLM, Of Courtiers and Kings

Novum Testamentum
460 R.S. Snow: L.C. Sw EAT, The Theological Role of Paradox in the Gospel of

463 F Bianchini: P.-B. SMIT, Paradigms of Being in Christ

467 R.F Collins: A.B. HUIZENGA, Moral Education for Women

471 J.L. Ska: R.G. KRATZ, Historisches und biblisches Israel Nuntii personarum et rerum

473 Pontificium Institutum Biblicum. Annus academicus 2014-2015. II semestre

479 Libri ad Directionem missi