Criswell Theological Review Vol. 13 No. 1 Fall 2015

1 Editor’s Page

3 Being in Christ: Ontology, Topology, and the Church as Eutopic Theater
Kevin J. Vanhoozer

23 Jesus as Lord and Son: Two Complementary Truths of Biblical Christology
Stephen J. Wellum

47 George Lindbeck and the Christological Nature of Doctrine
Mike Higton

63 Did Jesus Ever Get Sick? Some Thoughts on Christ’s Human Nature
R. Lucas Stamps

77 What Jesus’ Righteous Suffering Means for Our Perseverance
Rob Lister

93 Biblical Grounding for the Christology of the Councils
Fred Sanders

105 Issues in Christology: An Interview with Daniel Akin

115 Book Reviews

150 Index of Book Reviews