Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 52 No. 1 Jan 2016

4 A Second Look: Worth a Venture
By Gary Corwin

6 Ministry Education for the Global Church
By Robert W. Ferris

16 In Harm’s Way: Reflections on Missionaries and Risk
By Anthony B. Parker

24 #Iwitness: God’s Amazing Work in Our World
Stories from South Sudan, Middle East, Northern Nigeria, Mongolia, Bolivia, Cambodia, and Liberia

46 Understanding Why Two Thousand Languages Still Have No Bible Translation in Progress
By Willis Ott and JP

56 Assessing the “Success” of Business as Mission: A Case Study from Central Asia
By Samuel Lee

66 Best Practices for Missionary Kid Education
By Martha Macomber

74 Symposium: Get Rid of Your Missions Conference
By Ed Thompson with responses by J. Nelson Jennings, Brucey Huseby, Greg Carter, and Chad Smith

86 In the 20/30 Gap: Recovering Prayer Discernment in Our Agendas and Strategies
By Nikki Toyama-Szeto

94 Excellence in Missions: Beyond Welcome Home! Ten Things You Need to Know about Reentry
By Lisa Espineli Chinn

102 Book Reviews