World Vol. 31 No. 2 Jan 2016


3 Joel Belz


18 Janie B. Cheaney


32 Mindy Belz

34 A time for plain speaking: Planned Parenthood benefits from a culture that disguises what the organization truly is and does

42 The ABC scientist: Joel Brind, chief academic proponent of the abortion-­breast cancer link, isn’t shy about holding unpopular opinions

44 ‘In God’s hands’ Advocates for seniors and the disabled warn that newly legalized assisted suicide in California may snowball beyond the terminally ill

48 The riddle of Isaac Genesis 22 has a pro-life subtext, and missing it has led to a multitude of religious errors

53 Notebook

61 Mailbag

63 Andree Sen Peterson

64 Marvin Olasky