The Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol. 78 No. 1 January 2016

1 The Gospel of Luke: Friend or Foe of Women Proclaimers of the Word?
Barbara E. Reid, O.P.

24 Reexamining 2 Samuell0-12: Redaction History versus Compositional Unity
Isaac Kalimi

47 Hesed and Sacrifice: The Prophetic Critique in Hosea
Paba Nidhani De Andrado

68 We Speak in a Mystery: Neglected Greek Evidence for the Syntax and Sense of 1 Corinthians 2:7
T. J. Lang

90 A Theology of the Spirit in the Letter to the Hebrews
Jack Levison

111 Second Temple Jewish Literary Traditions in 2 Peter
Nicholas R. Werse

131 Book Reviews
David Bosworth and Linda M. Maloney

179 Collected Essays

201 Books Received