Youth Worker Journal Vol. 32 No 3 Jan/Feb 2016

8 Youth Culture Update
Paul Asay

11 Culture Watch: Body Image Issues
Walt Mueller

14 Managing Your Ministry: Managing Summer Interns
Syler Thomas

15 10 Minutes in God’s Word: The Peace Dividend of Orderly Living
Barry Shafer

16 soul Care: Is the Balanced Life a Myth?
David Olshine

17 YS Conversations: Don’t Be That Guy
Mark Matlock

19 4 Ways to Build Something Great
Ginny Olson

22 The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Administration
Tim Baker

27 When Being the King or Queen of Wing is Not a Good Thing
Brian Berry

30 12 Ways to Get Your Thrive On
Jen Bradbury

33 Meetings 101
Gina Abbas

35 Delegation 101
Stephanie Riebbe

36 You’re (Not) Made of Steel
Josh Schack

39 Savvy Communication
Stephanie Caro

42 Clean Your Desk!
Michelle Moore

43 Learning How to Sabbath
Jessica Charney

Check out Andrew Zirschky’s Beyond the Screen, Jefferson Bethke’s It’s Not What You Think, Joel Mayward’s Jesus Goes to the Movies, as well as the latest from Dr. John Townsend and Rick Warren

50 Stirring It Up: The Meeting No One Wants to Attend
Mike Work