Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Vol. 59 No. 1 Mar 2016

1 Editorial
Andreas Köstenberger

5 Bioethics: The Church and the Family
Scott Rae

17 The Sin of Sodom Revisited: Reading Genesis 19 in light of Torah
Brian Neil Peterson

33 The Greek Verbal System and Aspectual Prominence: Revising Our Taxonomy and nomenclature
Nicholas J. Ellis, Michael G. Aubrey, and Mark Dubis

63 The Work of God or of Human Beings: A Note on John 6:9
Sigurd Grindheim

67 The Place of the Book of Acts in Reading the NT
Gregory Goswel

83 The Role the Law Does or Does Not Play in the Condemnation of Gentiles in Rom 2:12-15
Bryan Blazosky

99 Revisiting the Clarity of Scripture in I Timothy 2:12
Jamin Hübner

119 “Saying What They Should Not Say”: Reassessing the Gravity of the Problem of the Younger Widows (I Tim 5:11-15)
Dillon T. Thornton

131 Irenaeus’s Missional Theology: Global Christian Perspectives from an Ancient Missionary and Theologian
Jacob A. Rodriguez

147 Book Reviews

221 Index of Book Reviews