Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol. 78 No. 2 April 2016

215 Hagar the Egyptian: Wife, Handmaid, and Concubine
Philip Y. Yoo

236 The Jacob Narratives: An Ephraimitic Text?
Marvin A. Sweeney

256 “Midrash” in the Book of Judges: The Cases of Judges 3:31 and 6:7-10
Mark S. Smith

272 Feeling the Silence: A Moment-by-Moment Account of Emotions at the End of Mark (16:1-8)
Michael R. Whitenton

290 Deuteronomy in the Matthean and Lucan Temptation in Light of Early Jewish Antidemonic Tradition
Michael Morris

302 “Rich toward God”: Making Sense of Luke 12:21
Joshua A. Noble

321 The Competitive Textualization of the Jesus Tradition in John 20:30-31 and 21 :24-25
Chris Keith

338 Biblical News

339 Book Reviews
David Bosworth and Linda M. Maloney

383 Collected Essays

394 Books Received