Dramatics Vol. 87 No. 8 Apr 2016

4 Journal: Playing to win
Julie York Coppens

8 NewYork: This season rocks!
Jeffrey Sweet

11 On acting
Shakespearean acting for Philistines
Jon Jory

13 Strut and Fret
The 2016 Junior Thespian Festival

16 Shakespeare Lives! Four centuries on, his work is vibrant as ever
Judith Rosen

28 As dreams are made on: Christian Borle reflects on confidence and community
Grego1y Bossler

34 In a heartbeat: An actor uses Shakespeare to help kids with autism play
Harper Lee

42 Teen Hamlet: A textual proof: the melancholy Dane was about sixteen
Robert Cohen

48 Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged): Exclusive excerpts from the RSC’s latest
By Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor

56 Thespian Nation
Chapter events and news