World Vol. 31 No. 8 Apr 2016


8 Joel Belz


26 Janie B. Cheaney


40 Mindy Belz

42 Friends of Ted: Sen. Ted Cruz’s aggressive style has alienated many in Washington, but that’s not the whole picture
Underdog moment: John Kasich’s effort to score the GOP nomination is a long shot-but not an impossible one

50 Straight outta el barrio: Once on a path to both physical and eternal death, two former gang members are now preaching the gospel in the most broken parts of Los Angeles

54 Beijing bustle: A crazy, three-hour commute across one of the world’s largest cities

58 Servant of refugees: An exile of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Insaf Safou returns to the Middle East to help the ones fleeing ISIS

63 Notebook

75 Mailbag

79 Andree Sen Peterson

80 Marvin Olasky