Christian Educator’s Journal Vol. 55 No. 4 April 2016

2 EDITORIAL: reading good books and learning about the world
by Gary VtmArragon

4 The Top Six Lists of the Best Books
Bill Boerman-Cornell

10 Beyond Control reviewed by Christina Belcher

12 The Reason You Walk
reviewed by Jonathan Boone

15 Bible-Shaped Teaching
reviewed by Christina Belcher

17 Beyond Measure
reviewed by Dan Beerens

22 A Compact Guide to the Whole Bible
reviewed by Gary VtmArragon

24 The Good and Beautiful Community
reviewed by Mark Brink

26 The Temple Curtain
reviewed by Joan Stob

27 LGBTQ and You: It’s Time to Read Different Books
by Jeanette Romkema

29 COLUMN: The Long and Short of CliffsNotes
by Gary L. Riggins

Hollyhocks, Books, and Comebacks
by Jane Reitsma-Hoogendam

33 SLOUCHING TOWARD BEDLAM: I Can’t Define Art, But I Know It When I See It
by Jan Kaarsvlam