Criswell Theological Review Vol. 13 No. 2 Spring 2016

3 Managing Jesus’ Anger: Revisiting a Text-Critical Conundrum (Mark 1:41)
Nicholas Perrin

17 Do the New Testament Gospels Present a Reliable Portrait of the Historical Jesus?
Craig A. Evans

27 “Rising” Language in Mark and the Dawning New Creation
Dan C. Ortlund

47 The Reception of Synoptic Traditions in the Epistles: What does that Mean for Contemporary Readings?
Peter H. Davids

61 The Family Values of the Synoptic Gospels: Not Quite Your Standard Conservative Agenda
Craig L. Blomberg

77 From Marginal to Mainstream: The Adamic Son of Man and the Potential of Psalm 80
Andrew Streett

99 Peter, the Rock: Matthew 16 in Light of Daniel 2
Patrick Schreiner

119 Book Reviews

165 Index of Book Reviews