World Vol. 31 No. 9 Apr 2016


3 Joel Belz


14 Janie B. Cheaney


28 Mindy Belz

30 House church on a hill: A Christian school. A pro-life ministry. A presbytery. One trailblazing congregation in southwest China is launching politically taboo initiatives and reshaping the face of the nation’s house church movement-under a government’s wary eye

38 Consider the Source: Recent plagiarism scandals have persuaded some Christian publishers to work harder at keeping unoriginal writing out of print

42 Courtroom storm: A flood of lawsuits involving TBN and members of the Crouch family continues into a fourth year

46 Identity crisis: A law meant to protect Native American children is instead tearing them away from the only families they have known

50 The final fall: In an excerpt from her new book, senior editor Mindy Belz
recounts the 2014 fall of lraq’s Nineveh Plains, an ancient home for Christians and Jews, to Islamic State

55 Notebook

61 Mailbag

63 Andree Sen Peterson

64 Marvin Olasky