World Vol.31 No. 11 May 2016

10 Joel Belz


24 Janie B. Cheaney


44 A man, a plan, a canal, Panama: The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel because it was first a public health marvel. To beat Zika today, we need the same determination

52 Unequal protection: Assisted suicide advocates have pressed their cause in state legislatures this year, and now they’re trying to enlist the courts

58 Quiet calling: Christian teachers in public schools may not “proselytize” students, but some in California find ways to be faithful at work

64 Into the fight?: Proposals in Congress to make women register for Selective Service sharpen the debate over women in combat

70 Author in exile: Writer and political activist Yu Jie has discovered Chinese censorship reaching even outside the mainland

76 After a fiery trial: Intelligent design proponent David Coppedge reflects on his wrongful termination lawsuit and walking through the valleys of life


91 Mailbag

95 Andree Seu Peterson

96 Marvin Olasky