Dramatics Vol. 87 No. 9 May 2016

5 Journal: Chicago’s Actors Gymnasium
Kerry Reid

12 Joural: ‘Wrestling Jerusalem’
Julie York Coppens

14 New York: ‘Southern Comfort’
Jeffrey Sweet

17 On Acting: Realistic movement
Jon Jory

20 Strut and Fret: Playworks finalists and other success stories

24 Unlocking the actor: What a movement director does
Ann Yee

30 Transformed: Spencer Liff’s journey to choreography
Tony Vellela

36 Something wonderful: A conversation with Ruthie Ann Miles
Gregory Bossler

41 Troubleshooting sound: Common wireless mic problems and how to fix them
Dana Taylor

44 Crush
A new full-length play by Stephen Gregg

75 Trending: Dispatches from the Theatre Ed Community

76 Thespian Nation: The student leadership program