Youth Worker Journal Vol. 32 No. 5 Summer 2016

10 Youth Culture Update
Paul Asay

15 Culture Watch: Stop the Sports Parenting Madness
Walt Mueller

17 Managing Your Ministry: FOMO: How to fight it…and use it
Syler Thomas

18 10 Minutes in God’s Word: Ministering out of the Overflow
Barry Shafer

19 Soul Care: May I have a day off, please?
David Olshine

20 YS Conversations: Harnessing Accountability
Brian Aaby

21 lntro: Self

22 Saying Yes to Becoming You
Brooklyn Lindsey

26 The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Self
Tim Baker

30 As Thyself
Beth Slevcove

33 Surviving Pressure
Terry Linhart

36 A Fish out of Water
Maggie Nancarrow

39 My Kobayashi Maru
Nathan Smith

42 What’s Missing?: 3 Essential Ways to Develop the Community You Need
Patti Gibbons

45 You Need to Take Care of Yourself
Amy Flavin

48 The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given
Aqueelah Ligonde

51 Powerful Pilgrimages
Jon Swanson

53 5 Simple Spiritual Practices
Jon Swanson

54 Leading from Dark Places
Jerry Torrez

58 (Family) Crisis Management
Anonymous Mom

65 Stirring It Up: Who are you?
Steve Case