Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 44 No. 2 Summer 2016

107 Spirituality in Resilience Processes in International Contexts: An Introduction
Kari A. O’Grady

109 Resilience Processes During Cosmology Episodes: Lessons Learned from the Haiti Earthquake
Kari A. O’Grady and James Douglas Orton

124 Celebrating Life and Death: Resiliency Among Post-Earthquake Tibetans’ Religious Community
Rachel Sing-Kiat Ting

133 Ebola as an Existential Threat? Experimentally-Primed Ebola Reminders Intensify National Security Concerns Among Extrinsically Religious Individuals
Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Joshua N. Hook, Don E. Davis, Jamie Aten, and Edward B. Davis

142 Spirituality and Religion as Mitigating Factors in Compassion Fatigue Among Trauma Therapists in Romania
Mark Newmeyer, Benjamin Keyes, Kamala Palmer, Vanessa Kent, Sara Spong, Faith Stephen, and Mary Troy

152 Forgiveness as a Catalyst for Psychological, Physical, and Spiritual Resilience in Disasters and Crises
Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Brandon J. Griffin, Loren L. Toussaint, Camilla W. Nonterah, Shawn O. Utsey, and Rachel C. Garthe

166 A Way Forward for Spirituality, Resilience, and International Social Science
Kari A. O’Grady, James Douglas Orton, Kenneth White, and Nicole Snyder