Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Vol. 59 No. 2 Jun 2016

223 The “Weeping Prophet” and “Pouting Prophet” in Dialogue: Intertextual Connections Between Jeremiah and Jonah
Gary Yates

241 The Setting of Obadiah: When Does the Oracle Concerning Edom Transpire?
Mark A Hassler

225 The Temporary Messianic Kingdom in Second Temple Judaism and the Delay of the Parousia: Psalm 110:1 and the Development of Early Christian Inaugurated Eschatology
Alexander E. Stewart

271 Matthew 27:51-53: Meaning, Genre, Intertextuality, Theology, and Reception History
Charles L. Quarles

287 What are the NT Autographs? An Examination of the Doctrine of Inspiration and Inerrancy in Light of Greco-Roman Publication
Timothy N. Mitchell

309 Becoming a Refuge: Sex Trafficking and the People of God
Myrto Theocharous

323 Washed and Still Waiting: An Evangelical Approach to Homosexuality
Wesley Hill

339 The Metaphysics of Jonathan Edwards’s End of Creation
Walter Schultz

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