Touchstone Vol. 25, Number 9. Sept/oct 2016

3              Thirty Years’ Warfare When Publishing Remains Necessary

4              School’s Out: Where Not to Send Young Children  by S. M. HUTCHENS

22           Of Brides & MenHeroic Service Is More Accessible to  Christian Men than Nuptial                          Imagery by MACLIN HORTON

26           The  Feminine Hero: The Modern Versions Are Neither Feminine nor                                           Heroic     by NATHANAEL DEVLIN

30           Lethal Rejection Is Capital Punishment Barbaric Uncivilized & Always Wrong?                          by J. DARYL CHARLES

11             MORTAL REMAINS         Foundational Error           Why Pascal Rejected the                                   God of the Philosophers by S. M. HUTCHENS

12             FROM  HEAVENLY HARMONY Trinitarian Love & Music   by KEN MYERS

14           The True Atheist Myth on Past & Present Atheism & the Invention of                                             Happiness           JORDAN  BISSELL

16           A Patristic Mission on Albanian Evangelicals & the Church Fathers                                                 FLORENC MENE

18             Dying of Despair on the Loss of True Community & Rising Political Desperation                        KARL D.  STEPHAN

44              ILLUMINATIONS Hymns of the Ages       by ANTHONY  ESOLEN

46           A THOUSAND WORDS     The Adoration of the Lamb­ The Ghent Altarpiece                                 Part III Hubert &Jan van Eyck    By MARY ELIZABETH PODLES

48            As It Is WRITTEN …His Gift of Life              by PATRICK HENRY REARDON

37           Our  Common Story        The Church: A Theological and Historical Account                                   by Gerald Bray   reviewed by S.M. HUTCHENS

38           The Shaggy Titan The Other Solzhenitsyn: Telling the Truth About a                      Misunderstood Writer and Thinker   by Daniel J. Mahoney    reviewed by JAMES A. ALTENA

40           The Modern Project         Le regne de l’homme: Genese et echec du projet                         modern              by Remi Brague                 reviewed by GRAEME HUNTER

41           Ridiculous Prodigal           Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Roman                Catholic Church             by Kaya Oakes                    reviewed by IAN HUNT E R

42           BOOK TRAILERS

Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching      by Anthony Esolen         reviewed by FRANCIS J. BECKWITH

The Cheesehead Bible         by Art Starr  [Patrick  Guy Baker]

South Eastern Theological Review Summer 2016

3             What Hath Nature to Do with Grace? A Theological Vision for Higher                                            Education           Brttce Rilry Ashford

23           Rescuing Rahab: The Evangelical Discussion on Conflicting Moral Absolutes                              David W. Jones

43           “What  Is Sexy?” Exploring  the Question  of How a Biblical Ethic of Worship                      Shapes One’s  View of Sex and Sexuality              Mark Liederbach

63           A Recommendation to American Evangelicals: Focus on the Trinity as an                             Alternative to Arguments  bout “Islamic  Terrorism”           Steven W  Ladd

87           “Oh That All Bigotry Was Rooted Out  of the Earth!”

The Evangelical Catholicity of Oliver Hart and the Regular Baptists

Eric C. Smith

109        Interview with Professor  Grant  Macaskill of Aberdeen University

Ray Van Neste


119        L. Michael Morales (ed.). Cult and Cosmos: Tilting toward a Temple-Centred                       Theology         Geoffrry Hmper

121        G. Scott Gleaves. Did jesus Speak Greek? The Emerging Evidence of Greek                     Dominance in First-Century Palestine                DavidR  Beck

122        Paul Rainbow. johannine Theology: The GospeThe Epistles, and the Apocafypse                      Grant D. Taylor

124        Thomas  R. Schreiner. Commentary  on Hebrews Alan 5. Banrjy

126        Constantine R. Campbell. Advances in the Stucfy of Greek: New Insights for                        Reading the New Testament                   Thomas  IV: Hudgins

128       Michael Augros. Who Designed the Designer? A Rediscovered Path to God’s                    Existence              John M. DePoe

130        Stephen  C. Evans. WkY Christian Faith Still Makes Sense: A Response to                          Contemporary Challenges            Thomas A. Provenzo

132        Allan Chapman.  Stargazers: Copernicus, Galileo, the Telescope, and the Church

Ari Heinze

133        Bob Kauflin. True Worshipers: Seeking What Matters to God

JoshuaA. Waggener

135        A. Scott Moreau, Gary R. Corwin, and Gary B. McGee. Introducing

World Missions: A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Surory

D. Scott Hildreth

137        Jayson Georges.  The 3D Gospel: Ministry  in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures


138        Jackson Wu. One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical                          Contextualization                   Gregory D. Mathias

140        Bruce Ashford  and Chris Pappalardo.  One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope                  for American Politics                          Philip 0. Hopkins

Modern Reformation Vol 25, Number 5, Sept/Oct 2016

20           The Case for Heaven                       BY SCOT MCKNIGHT

30             The Hope for Heaven    A CONVERSATION WITH ALISTER MCGRATH

38           The Need for Heaven ROUNDTABLE WITH MICHAELS. HORTON, SCOTT                      SWAIN, AND  MICHAEL WITTMER

50            The Wait for Heaven                      BY  BRIAN W. THOMAS

61           BOOK REVIEWS “Richard Hooker”              REVIEWED BY  B.B. SAUNDERS

“Supernatural” and “The Unseen Realm”


“Puritan Portraits”           REVIEWED BY  R.  SCOTT CLARK

5             CHRIST &  CULTURE         The Imagery of Heaven in C. S. Lewis


9             BIBLE  STUDY      “May I Sing All the Psalms?”         BY  MICHAELS. HORTON

11           THEOLOGY          Naturevs. Nature              BY  REBEKAH CURTIS

70          GEEK SQUAD      Who Will We Know in Heaven?


72           BACK  PAGE         God: No I Afterlife: Yes


Touchstone, Fall 2016

9             MORTAL REMAINS           Nice Pope, Mean  Priests


10           FROM  HEAVENLY HARMONY Echoes  of Glory      by KEN MYERS

12           Naked  Truth     HARRY BILTZ on Noticing That Modern  Science Has Rendered                 Atheism Irrational

13           The  Very Idea   T. L. JERNIGAN on Anselm’s God & the Virtue of Existing

15           God’s Gift  of Metaphor JosH MAYO on George MacDonald  & the Christian                           Imagination

17           Her Sabbath Song            BoB  PERRY on Seeing Beyond His Mother’s                             Alzheimer’s Disease

19           Two Tales of Freedom    Getting the Origins of Religious Liberty Right Matters                    Religious Cases in Point by MATTHEW J. FRANCK

26           A History of Religious Freedom   by ]AMES HITCHCOCK

33           Toleration & Divine  Forbearance               • Manhattan Byway


36           REJOINDER         Purification & Errors        by MATTHEW J. FRANCK

37           Colonial Possessions       A Review of Stacy Schiff’s The Witches: Salem, 1692               by ARTHUR W. HUNT

42           Deep  Roots        Russell Kirk: American  Conservative         by Bradley]. Birzer

reviewed by HUNTER  BAKER

45           The  Business of Faith     One Nation Under God: How Corporate                                        America Invented  Christian America                                                                                       by Kevin Kruse   reviewed by GRAEME HUNTER

47           Salvation’s Network        Reclaiming  the Atonement:         An Orthodox                               Theology of Redemption; Volume I: The Incarnation

by Patrick  Henry Reardon             reviewed by S.  M.  HUTCHENS

48            A Deadly Confusion            Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights  by Katha Pollitt


50           FIRST BOOKS First  Myths             by KATHIE JOHNSON

52           ILLUMINATIONS              Worship for the Weary   by ANTHONY ESOLEN

54           A THOUSAND  WORDS   The Ghent Altarpiece) Part II

Hubert & Jan van Eyck             by MARY ELIZABETH PODLES

56           As IT Is WRITTEN … The  Christian              by PATRICK HENRY REARDON

JETS, Fall 2016

 449         The Significance of  Creation in the Book of  Isaiah            T

Terrance  R. Wardlaw Jr.

473        Why Festus, Not  Felix? Paul’s      Gray Fow

487         The  Drama  of  Discipline: Toward an intertextual Profile of  Paideia in

Hebrews 12              Chad Spellman

507         Christian  Worship in Hebrews 12:28 as Ethical and Exclusive

Joshua Caleb Hutchens

523         “For  a Holy Priesthood”: .\ Perrine Model for Evangelical Cultural Engagement

Nathan  Wheeler

5?1         Is There  an Authority Analogy Between the Trinity and Marriage?  Untangling                       Arguments of Subordination and Ontology in Egalitarian-Complementarian                            Discourse                Paul C. Maxwell

571         Not  From Ourselves:  Holy Love in the Theology  of Jonathan Edwards

Bruce W Davidson

585         Jonathan Edwards  on the Trinity: Its Place and Its Rich but Controversial                            Facets        Ross llastings

Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Volume 21, 2016

3              Appreciation: William  W. Combs, Robert  V. McCabe, and  R. Bruce Compton

7              Yahweh War  and IJEREM· The  Role of Covenant, Land,  and  Purity  in the                        Conquest of Canaan             Kyle C. Dunham

31           Essential  Elements of Young Earth  Creationism and Their  Importance to                           Christian Theology               Matthew A. Postijf

59           Female Apostleship in Romans  16:7        Michael W  Harding

87           Honor True Widows:  1 Timothy 5:3-16 with Implications for the Church’s Social

Benjamin G. Edwards

107         The  Historical Outworking of God’s  Plan to Dispense His Mercy  Illustrated in                    the Olive Tree  of Romans  11:16-24             Samuel A. Dawson

139         First Corinthians 7:15, the Marriage  Covenant, and the Nature of Desertion

David J Huffstutler

151         Can  One  Be Both a Dispensational and “Covenantal” Apologist?                                         Michael P. Riley

167         John  Davenant’s  Dissertation on the Death of Christ: A Review Essay (with an                 Invitation)              Jared M  Compton

183         Jacob Arminius and the Doctrine  of Original Sin        John A. Aloisi

207         The Pentecostalization of Global Christianity and the Challenge for                                      Cessationism                  Jeffiey P. Straub

235         The NIV Zondervan Study Bible: A Dispensational Reflection

Mark A. Snoeberger

Creation Research, Vol 52 Number 3, Winter 2016.

165         Patriarchal Life Span Exponential Decay                 Charles A. Glatt Jr.

Page # Unkown                The Society Meetings: An Important Part of the                                                             Creation Research Society

177        A Review of the Lynden-Bell/Choloniewski Method for Obtaining Galaxy                               Luminosity Functions

Part I     Jake Hebert and Jason Lisle

189        A Review of the Lynden-Bell/Choloniewski Method for Obtaining Galaxy                              Luminosity Functions

Part 11                  Jake Hebert and Jason Lisle

189        On Creation Toward Scientific Explanation: A Directional Law

Jeffrey N. Howard

Creation Research, Spring 2016.

249         Human Genetic Data Confirms Biblical History on Many Levels and Is an Excellent Resource for Creation-based Research

Robert W. Carter and Jean K. Lightner

256         Human Uniqueness and Accelerated Storytelling: How Conserved Regulatory Regions in the Genome Challenge  Evolution       Jeffrey P. Tomkins

265         Adaptive Genetic Changes by Design: A Look at the DNA Editing by Activation-induced Cytidine Deaminase (AID)             Jean Lightner

275        Cells as Information Processors                 Royal Truman

Part I: Formal Software Principles

309         Citrate Utilizing Mutants of Escherichia coli           Kevin Anderson

Youth Worker Journal Fall 2016

16           Managing Your Ministry                Making Space    By Syler Thomas

17           10 Minutes in God’s Word Same Team   By Barry Shafer

18           YS Conversations             Time Management as a Youth    Worker with a New                       Baby               By Jacob Eckeberger

21           lntro: Parents

22           Reclaiming Fatherhood                 By Edrin Williams

26           The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Parents             By Tim Baker

30           Dear  Youth Workers      By Christina Robertson

32           3 Steps for  Connecting with Parents       By Luke Trouten

36           Transforming Parents into Youth Workers             By Kellen  Roggenbuck

40           10 Reasons  Why Parents Make Great Youth Workers      By Dan Istvanik

Psychology Today, Sept/Oct 2016

9-22       Insights:  Why some voters are impervious to a candidate’s words;the bright side                of pride; how our playlists reflect our personalities.

22           Unconventional Wisdom.            What to do when you feel you’ve fallen behind                     your peers

27           Eccentric’s Comer           Rachel Bloom can relate to the feverish obsession at                        the heart of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

31           Supplemental Science    The neurotransmitter GABA helps keep your brain                        balance.

35           Mind Your Body                Violent video games and virtual reality are a match                      made in heaven. Or is it hell? RELATIONSHIPS

40           Intimacy              A first utterance of “! love you” is freighted with significance                        beyond words.

44           2-Minute Memoir           A discovery about a house’s long-ago inhabitant sparks                   present-day wonder.

48           Solutions             How a rocky path led to a life’s calling.

50           One Question                   How does a person prevent fear from spoiling a                              romance?

52           The Real Narcissists        by Rebecca Webber

62           Life Lessons

72           Love Beyond Gender     By Alysia Abbott

80           The Antisocial Network                by Mike Mariani