Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal, Volume 21, 2016

3              Appreciation: William  W. Combs, Robert  V. McCabe, and  R. Bruce Compton

7              Yahweh War  and IJEREM· The  Role of Covenant, Land,  and  Purity  in the                        Conquest of Canaan             Kyle C. Dunham

31           Essential  Elements of Young Earth  Creationism and Their  Importance to                           Christian Theology               Matthew A. Postijf

59           Female Apostleship in Romans  16:7        Michael W  Harding

87           Honor True Widows:  1 Timothy 5:3-16 with Implications for the Church’s Social

Benjamin G. Edwards

107         The  Historical Outworking of God’s  Plan to Dispense His Mercy  Illustrated in                    the Olive Tree  of Romans  11:16-24             Samuel A. Dawson

139         First Corinthians 7:15, the Marriage  Covenant, and the Nature of Desertion

David J Huffstutler

151         Can  One  Be Both a Dispensational and “Covenantal” Apologist?                                         Michael P. Riley

167         John  Davenant’s  Dissertation on the Death of Christ: A Review Essay (with an                 Invitation)              Jared M  Compton

183         Jacob Arminius and the Doctrine  of Original Sin        John A. Aloisi

207         The Pentecostalization of Global Christianity and the Challenge for                                      Cessationism                  Jeffiey P. Straub

235         The NIV Zondervan Study Bible: A Dispensational Reflection

Mark A. Snoeberger