Psychology Today, Sept/Oct 2016

9-22       Insights:  Why some voters are impervious to a candidate’s words;the bright side                of pride; how our playlists reflect our personalities.

22           Unconventional Wisdom.            What to do when you feel you’ve fallen behind                     your peers

27           Eccentric’s Comer           Rachel Bloom can relate to the feverish obsession at                        the heart of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

31           Supplemental Science    The neurotransmitter GABA helps keep your brain                        balance.

35           Mind Your Body                Violent video games and virtual reality are a match                      made in heaven. Or is it hell? RELATIONSHIPS

40           Intimacy              A first utterance of “! love you” is freighted with significance                        beyond words.

44           2-Minute Memoir           A discovery about a house’s long-ago inhabitant sparks                   present-day wonder.

48           Solutions             How a rocky path led to a life’s calling.

50           One Question                   How does a person prevent fear from spoiling a                              romance?

52           The Real Narcissists        by Rebecca Webber

62           Life Lessons

72           Love Beyond Gender     By Alysia Abbott

80           The Antisocial Network                by Mike Mariani