The Journal of Psychology and Christianity , Fall 2016

101         Undergraduate Psychology Majors’ Faith and Views of Integration

Emily A.jackson, David N. Entwistle, Kenneth L. Larson, and  Lauren Reierson

113         The Postmodern Context: Teaching Integration in a Changing Culture

Scott White, David N. Entwistle, and  Brian Eck

125         Teaching Integration to Postmodern and Millennia! Students: Implications for the Classroom

Brian Eck, Scott White, and  David N. Entwistle

137         Integration in Undergraduate Psychology: Goals and Assessment

Laird R. 0. Edman, jennifer S. Feenstra, and Amanda jackson

148         Reducing Unwitting Dehumanization? A Call for a Stronger Undergraduate Psychology Core

Angela M. Sabates