Touchstone Vol. 25, Number 9. Sept/oct 2016

3              Thirty Years’ Warfare When Publishing Remains Necessary

4              School’s Out: Where Not to Send Young Children  by S. M. HUTCHENS

22           Of Brides & MenHeroic Service Is More Accessible to  Christian Men than Nuptial                          Imagery by MACLIN HORTON

26           The  Feminine Hero: The Modern Versions Are Neither Feminine nor                                           Heroic     by NATHANAEL DEVLIN

30           Lethal Rejection Is Capital Punishment Barbaric Uncivilized & Always Wrong?                          by J. DARYL CHARLES

11             MORTAL REMAINS         Foundational Error           Why Pascal Rejected the                                   God of the Philosophers by S. M. HUTCHENS

12             FROM  HEAVENLY HARMONY Trinitarian Love & Music   by KEN MYERS

14           The True Atheist Myth on Past & Present Atheism & the Invention of                                             Happiness           JORDAN  BISSELL

16           A Patristic Mission on Albanian Evangelicals & the Church Fathers                                                 FLORENC MENE

18             Dying of Despair on the Loss of True Community & Rising Political Desperation                        KARL D.  STEPHAN

44              ILLUMINATIONS Hymns of the Ages       by ANTHONY  ESOLEN

46           A THOUSAND WORDS     The Adoration of the Lamb­ The Ghent Altarpiece                                 Part III Hubert &Jan van Eyck    By MARY ELIZABETH PODLES

48            As It Is WRITTEN …His Gift of Life              by PATRICK HENRY REARDON

37           Our  Common Story        The Church: A Theological and Historical Account                                   by Gerald Bray   reviewed by S.M. HUTCHENS

38           The Shaggy Titan The Other Solzhenitsyn: Telling the Truth About a                      Misunderstood Writer and Thinker   by Daniel J. Mahoney    reviewed by JAMES A. ALTENA

40           The Modern Project         Le regne de l’homme: Genese et echec du projet                         modern              by Remi Brague                 reviewed by GRAEME HUNTER

41           Ridiculous Prodigal           Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Roman                Catholic Church             by Kaya Oakes                    reviewed by IAN HUNT E R

42           BOOK TRAILERS

Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching      by Anthony Esolen         reviewed by FRANCIS J. BECKWITH

The Cheesehead Bible         by Art Starr  [Patrick  Guy Baker]