World, Sept. 13th

30           Tortured journey

A million migrants have made their way to Europe, prompting threats to security but also  opportunities for Christian service

38           Choosing my religion

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump  met key spiritual mentors early in life who informed their thinking-and could influence  the nation

42           Dodging a bullet

California legislators drop a bill that could have crippled  Christian colleges. But the fight isn’t over, and Christian  schools may still face threats to their survival

46           Is silence golden?

Christian college newspapers feel the pressure when  they on contentious issues

50           Jobs of the future

Some young Americans are avoiding massive debt and dead jobs by forgoing college for trade schools


3              Joel Bel

14           Janie B. Cheaney

28           Mindy Bel z

61           Mailbag

63           Andree Seu Peterson

64           Marvin Olasky