World, Sept 17

32           Nowhere to Hyde?         Countless children owe their lives to the 40-year-old bipartisan ban on Medicaid funding for abortion, but the policy is coming under unprecedented attack by national Democrats

38           Jumping in the deep end              A pool in Brooklyn becomes a flash point over religious accommodation, but the community finds a way forward without a lawsuit

42           Jobs solution      A Wisconsin program alleviates poverty and unemployment without government dollars-and with the help of a u.s. senator

46           In extremity, opportunity             Once-stagnant churches in Germany and elsewhere want to play a role in assimilating Europe’s troubling migrant wave

50           Driven to distraction      The city of Dallas wants Hinga Mbogo to shut down his auto repair shop to make way for new development, but is this gentrification without justice?


5              Joel Belz

16           Janie B. Cheaney

30            Mindy Belz

61           Mailbag

63           Andree Seu Peterson

64           Marvin Olasky