World Magazine Oct 2016

5   Joel Belz

16  Janie B. Cheaney

17  John R. Erickson

30  Mindy Belz

61  Mailbag

63  Andree Seu Peterson

64  Marvin Olasky

32 Running with the bulls                Mike Pence and Tim Kaine face the challenge of sharing a ticket with an unpopular and controversial leader. Can the VP nominees reassure voters even as they stir a bit of their own controversy?

38 Enforcer of the Philippines              Filipino Christians are offering the gospel to the island nation’s drug pushers.  New President Rodrigo Duterte is offering the barrel of a gun

42 Sowing fear             Why are ISIS-affiliated groups putting random Americans on hit lists?

46 Hurry up and assimilate                 For international students in America, fitting in is hard-but some Christian-run programs are helping

50 Loving God, raising worms           For “Uncle Jim” Shaw, raising European night crawlers and red wigglers is no small calling

Christianity Today Nov 2016

9             Editor’s Note Katelyn Beaty signs off as print managing editor of CT.

11           Reply All Readers respond to the September issue via letters, tweets, and Facebook posts.

25           Where We Stand Richard Clark on why 2016 shouldn’t be a hopeless year.

28           Spirited Life        Andrew Wilson on “equality” in the New Testament.

30           Persevering Church        K. A. Ellis on the power of community in persecution.

38           Outpacing Persecution                 Why it’s the best of times and the worst of times for India’s burgeoning churches.             Jeremy Weber

48           CONTEMPLATIVE ACTIVIST              Ann Voskamp’s rural Canadian life may seem picture per­ fect. But with her new book, the intensely shy writer could spark a social movement among North American Christians.                         Katelyn Beaty

54           AN EVANGELICAL’S GUIDE  TO THE ENNEAGRAM                                         What’s behind the popular self-assessment tool making its way to your church.              John Starke

60           I AM PLURAL      Trillions offoreign creatures in and on our bodies shape

96           Testimony           Marcus Doe used to dream of revenge against his father’s killer. Now he chooses forgiveness.

64           GOD IS NOT  OUT TO GET YOU              Listening to the Father who delights in and sings over us.               Jeremy Treat

69           Books

Peter Leithart’s The End of Protestantism and Kevin Vanhoozer’s Biblical Author­ ity after Babel, review by Fred Sanders.

Interview: Mark R. Teasdale’s Evangelism for Non-Evan­ gelists:Sharing the Gospel Authentically, interview  by Joshua Ryan Butler

Excerpt: Paul Behaving Badly by E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O’Brien

Christianity Today Pastors Oct 2016


28            LEARNING TO LOVE THE CHURCH When I became a pastor I didn’t like much about the complexities of community in general and of a holy community in particular.        Eugene Peterson



Apps, websites, software, and kitchen implements to help you conquer your ‘to-do’ list. DrewDyck

18           DEEP PREACHING  IN A DISTRACTED AGE                                                 Will anything capture people’s attention and keep it long enough for God to do his work? Matt Woodley

25            HOW  DO I  TAKE A PRAYER RETREAT?                                                           9 key questions answered to help you meet with God.    Kevin and Karen Miller

4              How that one simple change is driving trends in small-group ministry.                   Amy Jackson

41            OUTREACH AND EVANGELIS M: WH AT WORKS TODAY?                             When traditional outreach misses the audience and “evangelism” becomes a dirty word, how can we share the Good News?  Rob Toal

48           INSIDE THE CHUR CH BUILDING OF 2017                                                           What’s hot, what’s next, and what needs to die.                 Marian V. Liauaud

57           TOP 5 RISKS TO CHURCHES  NOW How to protect your people from the most pressing  threats today.                       Matthew Branaugh

Christian Research Journal Nov 2016

06            Effective Evangelism Confessions of an Evangelist: Stereotypes Don’t Always Have to Be True

08           Practical Hermeneutics Is It Possible for Humans to See God?

10           Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and the Rise of the Comic Book Antihero

18           Mythicism and the Public Jesus of History              by Craig A. Evans

26           Logical and Biblical Defeaters of Reincarnation and Karma            by Douglas Groothuis

34           Rejoicing over Owls: Thoreau and the Gift of Being            by Stephen Mitchell

40            An Ethic of Instagram    by Amber M. Stamper

48           The Internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit: How Do You Know That the Bible Is God’s Word?                           by James N. Anderson

55   Reviews       Perry Marshall’s Evolution 2.0…Douglas Groothuis’s Philosophy in Seven Sentences

58   Viewpoint Should We Continue to Use the Term Sexual Purity?

60   Postmodern Realities Patriotism or National Idolatry? Rightly Ordering Love of Country

Psychology Today Nov/Dec 2016

9-23       Insights                How artist-scientists make the most of their passions; a new look at old ideas; the power of genetics to predict success.

25           Unconventional Wisdom              The art of the compliment: It’s oxygen for relationships.

96           Day Tripping

27           Eccentric’s Comer            Paul Salopek, in the middle of a 21,000-mile walk around the world, aims to rediscover how we got here.

31           Supplemental Science    With their metabolic might, B vitamins keep your brain humming.

35           Social Media                      As crowdfunding explodes in popularity, experts explore why people pay up.

412-          Minute Memoir       A criminologist and sex-crimes expert confronts the assault buried in her past.

47           Books    Intelligent in ways few ever imagined, the octopus is a virtual alien life form.

48 Free Think     From politically correct to woke, socially freighted words and phrases undergo a predictable evolution.

50           Listening to Jealousy      By Sara Eckel

60           No Known Expiration Date           By Hara Estroff Marano

70           The Fraud Who Isn’t        By Caronline Flora

78           The Sorceror’s Code        By Matthew Hutson

Youth Worker Journal Winter 2016

33           lntro: Sexuality

34           Teaching About Sex in a Changing World By Mark Matlock

37           The YouthWorker            Journal Roundtable on Sexuality                by Tim Baker

64           Being a Shepherd, Not  a Savior                 By Katie R. Mussat

42           Helping Teens Develop a Sexual Ethic      By Jen  Bradbury

67           5 Ways to Save a Teen Girl           By Jessie Minassian

46           Can God Ever Really Forgive Me?                       By Greg Stier

70           The LGBTQ Challenge: Navigating the Terrain in Youth Ministry   By Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sandusky

49           Following Jesus’ Sex Talk Model                 By Jason Soucinek

53           5 Things Teens Want You to Know  When You’re Talking to Them About Sex          By Andrew Larsen

Touchstone Nov/Dec 2016

3           Witness Tampering On the Politics of Martyrdom by S. M. HUTCHENS

24       The Still Small God      The Mustard Seed & the Wonders of His Kingdom                  by ANTHONY ESOLEN

30     A Global Conflict of lnterest The Clash Between Religion & Secularism Overshadows The Clash of Civilizations by DAVID V. HICKS

37          We Are Not Our Own      George Parkin Grant on the Deep & Abiding Tension Between Christianity & Modernity by CAMERON WYBROW

10       MORTAL REMAINS The Mustard Seed by S. M. HUTCHENS

11        FROM HEAVENLY HARMONY         The Wondrous Mystery in Song  by KEN MYERS

13        The Gathering Storm              JAMES HITCHCOCK on the Transformative Election of2016

14        Ecclesia Non Grata                   REGIS NICOLL on the Deepening Loss of Religious Freedom & Our Response

17        Dining on Tradition JoANNE L. CANDA on How Using Great-Grandmother’s China Has Made Us a Godlier Family

20           Carol of the Animals REBECCA SICREE on the Burdens & Blessings of Beasts at Christmas

50         FIRST BOOKS Hero’s for Heroes by KATHIE JOHNSON

52        ILLUMINATIONS The Advent of the Everlasting Day                                              by ANTHONY ESOLEN

54         A THOUSAND WORDS     The Nativity by Andrei Rublev                                          by MARY ELIZABETH PODLES

56         As IT Is WRITTEN …           Haman’s Fall        by PATRICK HENRY REARDON

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Summer 2016

5            Stephen J.Wellum        Editorial: Proclaiming the Gospel to Islam

9             Rodney Stark      The Case for the Crusades

29           James R. White “Take Me and My Mother as Gods Apart from God”: Suratai Maida and the Qur’an’s Understanding of the Trinity

41           Tony Costa          Jesus in Islam

59           Tony Costa          Does the Bible Predict the Coming of Muhammad?

59           J. Scott Bridger   An Inside Look at Insider Ecclesiology: The Jama ‘at AI-Mu’manln or “Assembly of the Believers” in the Thought of Mazhar Al-Mallouhi

Modern Reformation Nov/Dec 2016


CHRIST & CULTURE          Nobody’s Perfect-So What?          BY  LEON M. BROWN

T H E OLO GY      American Idol, American Culture, the Christian Church, and Your Bible Study          BY  MARK L.  WARD, JR.

BOOK REVIEWS                                                                                                                    “A Woman’s Place”          REVIEWED BY  LAUREN R. E.  LARKIN                                    “The Experience of God”               REVIEWED BY CARL R. TRUEMAN

GREEK SQUAD      Whose Incarnation Is It Anyway?               BY  LIONEL WINDSOR

BACK PAGE          Jesus’ Speech to His Fearful Followers      BY  MICHAELS. HORTON

Baptist History and Heritage Summer 2016

2             BRUCE T. GOURLEY          Editorial: Perspectives in Baptist History and Identity

4             DOUG  WEAVER                Baptists  and  Spirit-led  Experience

23           BILL SUMNERS                  Lessons  I Have  Learned  and  the Future of Baptist  Archives

36           MICHAEL KUYKENDALL                  The  Quest  for a Baptist  Bible: The  Rise and  Demise of the American Bible Union, 1850-1883

52           BILL PITTS            Fifty Years of Baylor’s Graduate Program in Religion

69           KENNETH W. RUSSELL    “Cracks in the Solid South”: Southern Baptist Response to the Presidential  Campaigns of Governor Alfred  E. Smith  and  Senator  John F Kennedy

85          Book Reviews