Christian Research Journal Nov 2016

06            Effective Evangelism Confessions of an Evangelist: Stereotypes Don’t Always Have to Be True

08           Practical Hermeneutics Is It Possible for Humans to See God?

10           Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and the Rise of the Comic Book Antihero

18           Mythicism and the Public Jesus of History              by Craig A. Evans

26           Logical and Biblical Defeaters of Reincarnation and Karma            by Douglas Groothuis

34           Rejoicing over Owls: Thoreau and the Gift of Being            by Stephen Mitchell

40            An Ethic of Instagram    by Amber M. Stamper

48           The Internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit: How Do You Know That the Bible Is God’s Word?                           by James N. Anderson

55   Reviews       Perry Marshall’s Evolution 2.0…Douglas Groothuis’s Philosophy in Seven Sentences

58   Viewpoint Should We Continue to Use the Term Sexual Purity?

60   Postmodern Realities Patriotism or National Idolatry? Rightly Ordering Love of Country