Christianity Today Nov 2016

9             Editor’s Note Katelyn Beaty signs off as print managing editor of CT.

11           Reply All Readers respond to the September issue via letters, tweets, and Facebook posts.

25           Where We Stand Richard Clark on why 2016 shouldn’t be a hopeless year.

28           Spirited Life        Andrew Wilson on “equality” in the New Testament.

30           Persevering Church        K. A. Ellis on the power of community in persecution.

38           Outpacing Persecution                 Why it’s the best of times and the worst of times for India’s burgeoning churches.             Jeremy Weber

48           CONTEMPLATIVE ACTIVIST              Ann Voskamp’s rural Canadian life may seem picture per­ fect. But with her new book, the intensely shy writer could spark a social movement among North American Christians.                         Katelyn Beaty

54           AN EVANGELICAL’S GUIDE  TO THE ENNEAGRAM                                         What’s behind the popular self-assessment tool making its way to your church.              John Starke

60           I AM PLURAL      Trillions offoreign creatures in and on our bodies shape

96           Testimony           Marcus Doe used to dream of revenge against his father’s killer. Now he chooses forgiveness.

64           GOD IS NOT  OUT TO GET YOU              Listening to the Father who delights in and sings over us.               Jeremy Treat

69           Books

Peter Leithart’s The End of Protestantism and Kevin Vanhoozer’s Biblical Author­ ity after Babel, review by Fred Sanders.

Interview: Mark R. Teasdale’s Evangelism for Non-Evan­ gelists:Sharing the Gospel Authentically, interview  by Joshua Ryan Butler

Excerpt: Paul Behaving Badly by E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O’Brien