Psychology Today Nov/Dec 2016

9-23       Insights                How artist-scientists make the most of their passions; a new look at old ideas; the power of genetics to predict success.

25           Unconventional Wisdom              The art of the compliment: It’s oxygen for relationships.

96           Day Tripping

27           Eccentric’s Comer            Paul Salopek, in the middle of a 21,000-mile walk around the world, aims to rediscover how we got here.

31           Supplemental Science    With their metabolic might, B vitamins keep your brain humming.

35           Social Media                      As crowdfunding explodes in popularity, experts explore why people pay up.

412-          Minute Memoir       A criminologist and sex-crimes expert confronts the assault buried in her past.

47           Books    Intelligent in ways few ever imagined, the octopus is a virtual alien life form.

48 Free Think     From politically correct to woke, socially freighted words and phrases undergo a predictable evolution.

50           Listening to Jealousy      By Sara Eckel

60           No Known Expiration Date           By Hara Estroff Marano

70           The Fraud Who Isn’t        By Caronline Flora

78           The Sorceror’s Code        By Matthew Hutson