Touchstone Nov/Dec 2016

3           Witness Tampering On the Politics of Martyrdom by S. M. HUTCHENS

24       The Still Small God      The Mustard Seed & the Wonders of His Kingdom                  by ANTHONY ESOLEN

30     A Global Conflict of lnterest The Clash Between Religion & Secularism Overshadows The Clash of Civilizations by DAVID V. HICKS

37          We Are Not Our Own      George Parkin Grant on the Deep & Abiding Tension Between Christianity & Modernity by CAMERON WYBROW

10       MORTAL REMAINS The Mustard Seed by S. M. HUTCHENS

11        FROM HEAVENLY HARMONY         The Wondrous Mystery in Song  by KEN MYERS

13        The Gathering Storm              JAMES HITCHCOCK on the Transformative Election of2016

14        Ecclesia Non Grata                   REGIS NICOLL on the Deepening Loss of Religious Freedom & Our Response

17        Dining on Tradition JoANNE L. CANDA on How Using Great-Grandmother’s China Has Made Us a Godlier Family

20           Carol of the Animals REBECCA SICREE on the Burdens & Blessings of Beasts at Christmas

50         FIRST BOOKS Hero’s for Heroes by KATHIE JOHNSON

52        ILLUMINATIONS The Advent of the Everlasting Day                                              by ANTHONY ESOLEN

54         A THOUSAND WORDS     The Nativity by Andrei Rublev                                          by MARY ELIZABETH PODLES

56         As IT Is WRITTEN …           Haman’s Fall        by PATRICK HENRY REARDON