Youth Worker Journal Winter 2016

33           lntro: Sexuality

34           Teaching About Sex in a Changing World By Mark Matlock

37           The YouthWorker            Journal Roundtable on Sexuality                by Tim Baker

64           Being a Shepherd, Not  a Savior                 By Katie R. Mussat

42           Helping Teens Develop a Sexual Ethic      By Jen  Bradbury

67           5 Ways to Save a Teen Girl           By Jessie Minassian

46           Can God Ever Really Forgive Me?                       By Greg Stier

70           The LGBTQ Challenge: Navigating the Terrain in Youth Ministry   By Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sandusky

49           Following Jesus’ Sex Talk Model                 By Jason Soucinek

53           5 Things Teens Want You to Know  When You’re Talking to Them About Sex          By Andrew Larsen