Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol. 78, No. 4 I October 2016

611-631              Eden Revisited: A Literary and Theological Reading of Genesis 18:12-13 Andrew R. Davis

632-647               The Threat of Annihilation of Israel in the Desert: An Independent Tradition within Two Stories                       Gili Kugler

648-665               Framing the Oracle of a Seventy-Year Servitude:  Early Contestation of the Jeremian Legacy in the Vorlage of the LXX of Jeremiah 25:1-7              Edward Silver

666-681               Resurrection and the Holy City: Matthew’s Use of Isaiah in 27:51-53 Timothy Wardle

682-705               A Theological Reading in Mark 15:37,39         Jose Enrique Aguilar Chiu

706-725               The Meaning of ITveu11a in the Letters of Paul: A Linguistic Analysis of Sense and Reference                Michael Winger

736-795               Book Reviews                     David Bosworth and Linda M. Maloney