Christianity Today Dec 2016

27           Where We Stand Mark Galli on church disci­ pline as discipleship.

30           Beginning of Wisdom    Jen Wilkin remembers the spiritual mothers of our faith.

65           Books

Tish Harrison Warren’s Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices In Everyday Life re­ viewed by Jamie A. Hughes

Interview: Russell Jeung’s At Home In Exile: Finding Jesus among My Ancestors and Refugee Neighbors, inter­ view by Morgan Lee

Gerry Bowler’s Christmas In the Crosshalrs reviewed by Thomas Kidd

My Top 5: Esther Emery selects her top five books for an Internet sabbatical.        ·

80           Testimony Joanna Reed Shelton followed her great­ grandfather’s story to Japan and found something she never expected: faith in Jesus.

44           CROSSING THE WASTELAND OF FAITH     Years after my dramatic, unlikely conversion, it seemed God had gone silent.    Barbara Bradley Haerty

50           INVESTING IN THE KINGDOM      Eventide Asset Management has confounded the investment world with its success-and its biblically based principles.                             Jeff Haanen

54           SAVED THROUGH CHILD-BEARING            How Paul’s often misunderstood words in 1 Timothy can  deepen our understanding of Christmas.       Wendy Alsup

58           WRESTLING WITH ETERNITY       For many, predestination is a struggle to accept; for Paul, it’s a doctrine of love.                 Frank A. Jarnes Ill

34           JUST SAY NO TO SHAME My recovery from opioid addiction began when I realized my addiction had chosen me.                      Timothy King.