Journal of Psychology and Learning Nov 2016

195        Religiosity and Honesty: Still Searching for the Elusive Relationship                        Leanne Willson

204         Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy: Components of Clinician Spirituality that Predict Type of Christian Intervention      Geoffrey W. Sutton, Christine Arnzen,  and Heather L. Kelly

215         The Reciprocating Self: Trinitarian and Christological Anthropologies of Being and Becoming             Pamela Ebstyne King

233         Private Spiritual Practices: Bible Engagement and Moral Behavior              Pamela Caudill Ovwigho, Arnold R. Cole, and Alan Myatt

242         The Role of Embodied Cognition in Performing the Word of God                           R. Jason Brunt

254         The Relational Cost of Moralism: Implications for Congregational Practice             Matthew J. Jarvinen