World Magazine December 10

30           A bold stand in the Land Down Under Put Christians on the Barbie? No, says Lyle Shelton, WORLD’s 2016 Daniel of the Year

36           Executive redo Many of Barack Obama’s key initiatives could fall with the stroke of a pen

40           The MK privilege What’s life like as a missionary kid? It’s hard. It’s painful. And for many, it’s a blessing that can’t be beat.

44           Classical conflict Will classical public charter schools lure Christian parents away from schools that acknowledge Christ as the center of all things?

50           A world apart The process can be messy, but China and Nigeria are developing strong economic ties as Nigeria hopes to become the world’s next big economic surprise

3             Joel Belz

14           Janie B. Cheaney

28            Mindy Belz

63           Andree Seu Peterson

64           Marvin Olasky