Dramatics Vol. 87 No. 9 May 2016

5 Journal: Chicago’s Actors Gymnasium
Kerry Reid

12 Joural: ‘Wrestling Jerusalem’
Julie York Coppens

14 New York: ‘Southern Comfort’
Jeffrey Sweet

17 On Acting: Realistic movement
Jon Jory

20 Strut and Fret: Playworks finalists and other success stories

24 Unlocking the actor: What a movement director does
Ann Yee

30 Transformed: Spencer Liff’s journey to choreography
Tony Vellela

36 Something wonderful: A conversation with Ruthie Ann Miles
Gregory Bossler

41 Troubleshooting sound: Common wireless mic problems and how to fix them
Dana Taylor

44 Crush
A new full-length play by Stephen Gregg

75 Trending: Dispatches from the Theatre Ed Community

76 Thespian Nation: The student leadership program

First Things No. 264 Jun 2016

3 Homeless
R. R. Reno

8 Marquette, Nations, etc.

15 Sing Him Back Home
Russell D. Moore

17 Mother Teresa’s Worlds
Stephen Schwartz

19 Mormons at the Forefront
Terryl Givens

23 Krakow’s Geography of Sanctity
by George Weigel

33 Mammon Ascendant
by David Bentley Hart

39 Is Liberalism a Heresy?
by Francesca Aran Murphy

47 Punching Down
by Charlotte Allen


53 Sir Thomas Browne by Reid Barbour Thomas Browne edited by Kevin Killeen
reviewed by Matthew Walther

56 God or Nothing by Robert Cardinal Sarah
reviewed by Bianca Czaderna

57 The Givenness of Things by Marilynne Robinson
reviewed by Ari Schulman

59 Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory by Jerry L. Walls
reviewed by Mats Wahlberg

61 Religious Difference in a Secular Age by Saba Mahmood
reviewed by William T. Cavanaugh

64 Briefly Noted

67 KKK false alarm, Georgetown graffiti, etc.

72 A Loss of Trust
Mark Bauerlein

World Vol.31 No. 11 May 2016

10 Joel Belz


24 Janie B. Cheaney


44 A man, a plan, a canal, Panama: The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel because it was first a public health marvel. To beat Zika today, we need the same determination

52 Unequal protection: Assisted suicide advocates have pressed their cause in state legislatures this year, and now they’re trying to enlist the courts

58 Quiet calling: Christian teachers in public schools may not “proselytize” students, but some in California find ways to be faithful at work

64 Into the fight?: Proposals in Congress to make women register for Selective Service sharpen the debate over women in combat

70 Author in exile: Writer and political activist Yu Jie has discovered Chinese censorship reaching even outside the mainland

76 After a fiery trial: Intelligent design proponent David Coppedge reflects on his wrongful termination lawsuit and walking through the valleys of life


91 Mailbag

95 Andree Seu Peterson

96 Marvin Olasky

World Vol. 31 No. 12 Jun 2016


3 Joel Belz


14 Janie B. Cheaney


28 Mindy Belz

30 Troubling ties
Under the Clinton State Department, influence from big money donors appeared to thwart efforts to combat Boko HaramĀ­ efforts that might have saved thousands of lives

40 Power campaigns
The GOP is fighting to maintain control of Congress after
Election Day. Here are seven races that could shift the Senate

46 Struck down, standing fast
Chinese churches prove resilient, with or without crosses on their steeples

50 Sins of their fathers & mothers
The divorce revolution is now affecting a third generation,
as children and grandchildren of divorced couples carry scars of the past into relationships
55 Notebook

61 Mailbag

63 Andree Sen Peterson

64 Marvin Olasky

Christianity Today Vol. 60 No. 5 Apr 2016

7 Editor’s Note Katelyn Beaty highlights healing throughout the issue.

9 Reply All: Readers respond to the April issue via letters, tweets, and Facebook posts.

17 Witness Pastors deliver daily bread amid bombs in eastern Ukraine.

18 Gleanings: Darrin Patrick ousted from Acts 29, college changes fighting missionary mascot, and the double persecution of Christian women.

20 Headlines: Why Christians closest to the Holy Land tour it least; Kenya crackdown on fake pastors thwarted by real ones.

21 Under Discussion: Is it okay that bots are tweeting vastly more Bible verses than humans?

27 Where We Stand: Mark Galli on how both sides can win the religious freedom vs. LGBT rights debate.

29 Spirited Life: Andrew Wilson agrees that Jesus isn’t your boyfriend. But not for the reasons you think.

30 Truth Be Told: Christena Cleveland offers three ways we can use our diversity to be one in Christ.

48 Prisoner Pastor Missionary: Kenneth Bae describes his time in a North Korean prison camp.
Interview by Morgan Lee

If church leaders and artists have been estranged in Western culture, then David Taylor is helping to lead them into a more blissful union.
Andrea Palpant Dilley

The evangelical university has received negative press on LGBT matters. My own campus experience paints a different picture.
Tyler Streckert

You don’t have to wear vestments to do gospel ministry.
Michael Bird

73 Books:
Shane Claiborne’s Executing Grace,
review by Jen Pollock Michel
Victor Lee Austin’s Losing Susan,
review by Andrew Byers

Excerpt: Kent Annan’s Slow Kingdom Coming

80 Testimony
Nicole Cliffe was a happy atheist. Then she read an obituary that changed everything.