Youth Worker Journal Winter 2016

33           lntro: Sexuality

34           Teaching About Sex in a Changing World By Mark Matlock

37           The YouthWorker            Journal Roundtable on Sexuality                by Tim Baker

64           Being a Shepherd, Not  a Savior                 By Katie R. Mussat

42           Helping Teens Develop a Sexual Ethic      By Jen  Bradbury

67           5 Ways to Save a Teen Girl           By Jessie Minassian

46           Can God Ever Really Forgive Me?                       By Greg Stier

70           The LGBTQ Challenge: Navigating the Terrain in Youth Ministry   By Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sandusky

49           Following Jesus’ Sex Talk Model                 By Jason Soucinek

53           5 Things Teens Want You to Know  When You’re Talking to Them About Sex          By Andrew Larsen

Youth Worker Journal Fall 2016

16           Managing Your Ministry                Making Space    By Syler Thomas

17           10 Minutes in God’s Word Same Team   By Barry Shafer

18           YS Conversations             Time Management as a Youth    Worker with a New                       Baby               By Jacob Eckeberger

21           lntro: Parents

22           Reclaiming Fatherhood                 By Edrin Williams

26           The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Parents             By Tim Baker

30           Dear  Youth Workers      By Christina Robertson

32           3 Steps for  Connecting with Parents       By Luke Trouten

36           Transforming Parents into Youth Workers             By Kellen  Roggenbuck

40           10 Reasons  Why Parents Make Great Youth Workers      By Dan Istvanik

Youth Worker Journal Vol. 32 No. 5 Summer 2016

10 Youth Culture Update
Paul Asay

15 Culture Watch: Stop the Sports Parenting Madness
Walt Mueller

17 Managing Your Ministry: FOMO: How to fight it…and use it
Syler Thomas

18 10 Minutes in God’s Word: Ministering out of the Overflow
Barry Shafer

19 Soul Care: May I have a day off, please?
David Olshine

20 YS Conversations: Harnessing Accountability
Brian Aaby

21 lntro: Self

22 Saying Yes to Becoming You
Brooklyn Lindsey

26 The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Self
Tim Baker

30 As Thyself
Beth Slevcove

33 Surviving Pressure
Terry Linhart

36 A Fish out of Water
Maggie Nancarrow

39 My Kobayashi Maru
Nathan Smith

42 What’s Missing?: 3 Essential Ways to Develop the Community You Need
Patti Gibbons

45 You Need to Take Care of Yourself
Amy Flavin

48 The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given
Aqueelah Ligonde

51 Powerful Pilgrimages
Jon Swanson

53 5 Simple Spiritual Practices
Jon Swanson

54 Leading from Dark Places
Jerry Torrez

58 (Family) Crisis Management
Anonymous Mom

65 Stirring It Up: Who are you?
Steve Case

Great Commission Research Journal Vol. 7 No. 2 Winter 2016

135 Introduction
Alan McMahan


139 The Case for Prioritism: Part 1
Christopher R. Little

163 The Lost Balance in Missions Today
Mike Morris

172 The Big News on Small Churches: Re-evaluating the Contribution of Small Churches to the Fulfillment of the Great Commission
Ian Hussey

184 Church Growth and Outreach Lessons from the Oil Boom in North Dakota
Mark R. Teasdale and Steve Trefz

198 A Historical Analysis of Hindrances Related to the Slow Growth of Christianity in Thailand
Kelly Michael Hilderbrand

213 Whose Story to Join? The Problem of Social Plausibility, Social Missions Stations, and Their Relationship to Church Planting Movements
J.S. Williams

230 William Carey’s Vision for Missionary Partnerships
Andrew D. McFarland

247 A Framework for Developing Global Leadership According to the Apostle Paul
Peter Rios


263 Can These Bones Live? A Practical Guide to Church Revitalization by Bill Henard
Reviewed by Nicholas Clark

266 Donald A. McGavran: A Biography of the Twentieth Century Premier Missiologist by Gary McIntosh
Reviewed by Mike Morris

268 Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can Too by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson
Reviewed by Philips Sunday Akinbobola

271 Advanced Strategic Planning: A 21st Century Model for Church and Ministry Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs
Reviewed by Chase Weeks

Youth Worker Journal Vol. 32 No 3 Jan/Feb 2016

8 Youth Culture Update
Paul Asay

11 Culture Watch: Body Image Issues
Walt Mueller

14 Managing Your Ministry: Managing Summer Interns
Syler Thomas

15 10 Minutes in God’s Word: The Peace Dividend of Orderly Living
Barry Shafer

16 soul Care: Is the Balanced Life a Myth?
David Olshine

17 YS Conversations: Don’t Be That Guy
Mark Matlock

19 4 Ways to Build Something Great
Ginny Olson

22 The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Administration
Tim Baker

27 When Being the King or Queen of Wing is Not a Good Thing
Brian Berry

30 12 Ways to Get Your Thrive On
Jen Bradbury

33 Meetings 101
Gina Abbas

35 Delegation 101
Stephanie Riebbe

36 You’re (Not) Made of Steel
Josh Schack

39 Savvy Communication
Stephanie Caro

42 Clean Your Desk!
Michelle Moore

43 Learning How to Sabbath
Jessica Charney

Check out Andrew Zirschky’s Beyond the Screen, Jefferson Bethke’s It’s Not What You Think, Joel Mayward’s Jesus Goes to the Movies, as well as the latest from Dr. John Townsend and Rick Warren

50 Stirring It Up: The Meeting No One Wants to Attend
Mike Work

Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 52 No. 4 October 2015

Regular Features

356 A Second look: Reaching and Reconciling
Gary Corwin

434 Voices in the local Church: Perched on the Shoulders of Giants: Building legacy for the Sake of Mission
Matt Erickson

440 Excellence in Missions: Four Ways to Improve Field Staff Retention
James Nelson

446 Orality in Missions: Transition: The Key to Storytelling
Paul Trinh

452 Book Reviews


358 The C-1-C6 Spectrum after Fifteen Years: Misunderstandings, limitations, and Recommendations
John Jay Travis

366 The W-Spectrum: Worker Paradigms in Muslim Contexts
Warrick Farah and Kyle Meeker

378 Modes of Mission in New and Established Churches
Ed Stetzer

388 learning to “Read the Air”: Three Ways to Improve Communication in Cultures Where Silence Is Golden
Paul Sadler

394 Is English a Blessing or a Curse in Missions?
Paul Switz and Michael Lessard-Clouston

402 let’s leave Shahada to Real Muslims
Fred Farrokh, with response from Kevin Higgins

414 How Teams Work: A Case Study in Senegal, West Africa
Richard G. Lewis

424 Celebrating Donald A. McGavran: A life & legacy
Gary L. Mcintosh

Great Commission Research Journal Vol. 7 No. 1 Summer 2015

3 Introduction
Alan McMahan


6 After Postmodernism
Thomas W. Sieberhagen

14 Rise of the “Nones”
Dave Page

28 The Strategic Nature of Urban Ministry
Alan McMahan

43 Donald McGavran: A Missionary to India
Gary L. McIntosh

62 My Pilgrimage in the Church Growth Movement: Empowerment to Lead People to Jesus
Kent R. Hunter

79 Global Church Growth Through Multicultural Mission Teams
Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr

88 Cubans in the United States
Antonio J. Lopez


101 Not Safe For Church: Ten Commandments for Reaching New Generations by F. Douglas Powe,Jr. and Jasmine Rose Smothers
Reviewed by: Cory L. Seibel

105 White Unto Harvest: Evangelizing Today’s Senior Adults by Charles Arn
Reviewed by: Matthew Costner

108 There’s Hope For Your Church by: Gary L. Mcintosh
and A Place of Grace by: William O. Webste
Reviewed by: James R. Farrer

111 Our Global Families: Christians Embracing Common Identity in a Changing World by Todd M. Johnson and Cindy M. Wu
Reviewed by Beau K. Brewer

114 The Unchurched Next Door by Thorn Rainer
Reviewed by Amy Nicholson Jones

116 Re:Vision: The Key to Transforming Your Church by Aubrey Malphurs and Gordon E. Penfold
Reviewed by Lavern E. Brown and Gary J. Westra

Youth Worker Journal July/August 2015

10 Youth Culture Update
Paul Asay
13 Culture Watch: Instilling Social Media Sense
Walt Mueller
14 Christian Education: Flipping the Classroom
Allen Jackson
15 Worldview: One Blanket-God’s provisions in Lesotho
Marie Curtis
16 Managing Your Ministry: Managing Confrontation
Syler Thomas
17 Ten Minutes in God’s Word: We Need More “Wow” Bell
Barry Shafer
18 Conversations: Blessed Are the Humble
Mark Matlock
20 The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Teaching
Tim Baker
21 How to Teach in America Without Losing Your Soul
Francis Chan
27 Teaching at the Intersection of Faith and Science
Andy Root and Eric Leafblad
30 Slaughtering the Sacred Teaching Cow: Two Meetings that Changed the Way I Teach
Christina Robertson
32 Sidebar: 3 Student Ministry Teaching Myths
Jarrid Wilson
33 Storify Your Talk: How to Make Teens Wake Up and Listen
Rachel Blom
36 Pass the Mic: Team Teaching in a Spotlight World
Jeff Tillson
38 Sidebar: 8 Tips for Unleashing Teens to Teach
Jen Bradbury
39 Baby Stepping Toward a Yearlong Curriculum Plan
Heather Lea Campbell
42 Youth Doing Ministry Four Big Ideas for Teaching Students to Lead
Brian Hull
48 Soul Care: Then Sings My Soul
David Olshine
50 Stirring It Up: I Teach Wrestling
Gina Abbas

Evangelical Missions Quarterly July 2015

Regular Features
244 A Second look: From Anywhere to Everywhere-Together!
Gary Conuin
246 Perspectives: Revisiting Ezekiel through the Lens of the Great Commission in North America
Mark Stebbins
312 In the 20/30 Gap: Adventures of an Urban Church Planter: The Gospel in the Concrete Jungle
Sam D. Kim
318 Voices in the Local Church: The Challenge of Empowering Congregations for Mission
Gentry McColm
326 Excellence in Missions: Four Ways to Keep Up with Change
Gilles Gravelle
332 Orality in Missions: A Practitioner/Trainer Perspective on Orality
Jerry Wiles
338 Book Reviews
252 Scripture, Global Mission, and Black Swans
Colin Bearup
258 The New Testament, Fiscal Strategy, & the Majority World
Kent Good
268 Business Is Mission: An Integrated Model
Ron Wismer
276 Evangelism in Asia: Developing and Living Out Relevant Theologies
Deshabandu Adrian De Visser
286 The Workplace Priest: Activating Our God-given Identity as Priests at Work
Scott Breslin
296 Co-Mission: The Sharing Economy & the Mission World
John Heinz
304 The Dark Side of Diaspora Missions: Challenges for Korean-Americans
Sunny Hong

Christianity Today Vol. 59 No. 6 July/August 2015

7 Editor’s Note: Ted Olsen explains why we still need to talk about race.
11 Reply All: Readers respond to the May issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
15 Witness: An adoptive mom starts over at a homeless shelter.
16 Gleanings: Baptists fight loan sharks, prisoners sing ‘Amazing Grace’ before execution, and lnter Varsity names interim boss.
18 Headlines: Crowd funding outrage, babies stall the Great Commission, and Kenyans learn Muslim prayers in the face of terror.
25 Where We Stand: Hope in the Face of Intractable Racism
27 Her.meneutics: RachelStone learns to share the parenting load.
28 Past Imperfect: David Neff looks at the graciousness of one famous missionary.
44 UNDERSTANDING GENDER DYSPHORIA: The leading Christian scholar on transgender issues defines the terms and gives the church away forward.
Mark Yerhouse
52 LOVING MY SISTER-BROTHER: My sibling’s decision began the greatest test of my faith.
Margaret Philbrick
58 HE SUFFERS WITH US And we with him.
Kevin P.Emmert
64 THE HIGH PRICE OF FAITH IN ACTION: Melinda Gates believes that all lives have equal value. She’s spending $3.6 billion a year to prove it.
Timothy c. Morgen
70 A JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN: I learned how to follow God in trust and vulnerability, even when I felt displaced.
Timothy George
83 Books:
Lauren Winner’s Wearing God, Review by Courtney Reissig
Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson’s The Pastor Theologian, Review by Douglas Webster
Interview: Christopher J. H. Wright’s The Message of Lamentations
88 Culture: Why we can’t get enough of true-crime podcasts.
96 Testimony: In the horror of 9/11, Charles H. Featherstone turned from Islam