Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol.51 No.2 April 2015

Regular Features
132   A Second  Look: With an Eye on the Future – Gary Corwin
202   The 20/20 Gap: The Missional Function of Architecture – Matthew Niermatm
208   Voices  in the Local Church: Seven Pillars for a Missional Culture – J.D. Payne
214   Excellence in Missions: Mission Networks: Connecting the Global Church – Karin Butler Primuth
220   Orality in Missions: Orality Is Just Good Missiology – Ed Weaver
226    Book  Reviews

134   SYMPOSIUM: The Unengaged: An Engaging Strategy or Not… – Ted Esler, with responses by Steve Sang-Cheol Moon, Paul Eshleman, and  John Becker
146   Short-term Mission Partnerships: Lessons from Paul and the Philippians – Daniel Rickett
152   The Motivation for Conversion to Christianity of the Momina People – Les Henson
162   Third Culture Kids in the Church: Finding Where You Belong – Michael Pollock
170   H/S-1 to H/S-5: Levels of Awareness of Honor/Shame in Cross-cultural Ministry – Werner Mischke
180   Think Big, Think Small: Partnerships as a Revolution in Global Missions – Josh Broward
190   Using Scripture in Multilingual Churches – Annette R. Harrison
196   Preparing Majority World Pastors to Teach the Whole Counsel of God – Philip Thornton

Leadership Journal Spring 2015

7      Ministry as Trauma Center: From the editor – Marshall Shelley
30    The War After The War: PTSD touches veterans and their families. How churches can help – Steve Norman
34    St.Francis’s Combat  Trauma: Warfare marked this veteran-turned-saint – Annalaura Chuang
35    My Incurable Condition: How to pray for someone with a terminal diagnosis –  J. Todd Billings
39    Violence in the Home: How pastors can best help victims of domestic abuse – Justin Holcomb
43    My Healing Community: How I discovered grace when my pastor­-husband was jailed for sex-crimes – Shelly Duffer
45    Healing the Horrors of Boko Haram: In Nigeria we saw the light of heaven pierce the shadow of evil – Stewart Ruch Ill and Matt Woodley

17    Why “Don’t Do it” Doesn’t Word – Tyler Charles
22    Armed and Dangerous – Skye Jethani
24    Ministry’s Bleeding Edge – David Kinnaman

51    The Neglected Power of Blessing – Lee Eclov
56    Ideas That Word – complied by Jonathan Sprowl
58    Your Small Church is Big – Karl Vaters
60    Leadership Shorts – a summary of Mission Drift by Paul Pastor
64    Taking Pains – H.B. Charles

69    The Relationally Grounded Pastor – and interview with Eugene Peterson by J.R. Briggs
78    Putting Failure on Ice – John Torres
86    Into the Whirlwind – Mark Buchanan
90    My Calling Tested – Steve Tomlinson

Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry Vol.4 No.2 Spring/Summer 2014

02    Timothy Paul Jones – Family-Based Youth Ministry, Twenty Years Later

Feature Articles
06    Tom Nettles – An Encouragement to Use Catechisms
28    John David Trentham – Adolescent Moral Development in Christian Perspective
52    Shane Parker – The Function of Short-Term Missions Experiences in Christian Formation
72    Jake Dunlow – Perceptions of Spiritual Formation in the 21st Century
104  David Schrock – Perspectives on Christ-Centered Family Discipleship
116  Appreciative Reflections on the Impact of “Family-Based Youth Ministry”

JDFM Forum
118  Interview with Mark Devries – Family-Based Youth Ministry: Then and Now
122  Book Reviews
134  Equipping the Generations
Derek Brown, Organizing for Successful Ministry
Kevin DeYoung, Two Questions that May Greatly Improve Your Church’s Ministry
Brian Howard, What Works for us (and might work for you) in Family Worship
Garrett Kell, Should I Tell My Spouse About Struggles with Sexual Purity?
David Mathis, Bring the Bible Home to Your Heart
R. Albert Mohler Jr., Why So Many Churches Hear So Little of the Bible

Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol.51 No.1 January 2015

Regular Features
6 A Second look: Bridging the Divide(s)
By Gary Corwin

92 Voices in the local Church: “What a Strange Family!” Church-Agency Partnerships
By Bruce Huseby

98 Excellence in Missions: Moving from Dependence to
Independence: A Global South View of Church-Mission Relationships
By Carlos Diaz

104 NEW SECTION! Orality in Missions: How Would Jesus Tell It?
Crafting Stories from an Honor-Shame Perspective
By Jackson Wu

110 Book Reviews

10 A Personal Case Study in Cross-cultural Learning and Growth
By Andy Opie

20 One Method Does Not fit All: Case Studies in Muslim Diaspora
By Caitlin Roam

30 Faith in a Second Language
U.P. Maria

38 Seven Helpful Reminders for Building Relationships in Group-oriented Cultures
By Paul Sadler

46 Symposium: The “De-missionization” of Missions
By Marvin Newell with responses by Douglas McConnell, Karin Butler Primuth, and JR Rozko
58 Models of Ministry with the Transient Poor
By Andrew Ng and Michael Crane

70 Sharing Resources in Contexts of Poverty
By Daniel Rickett

80 lsa on the Diaspora Road: A Conversation with
John Becker and Paul Dzubinski

88 The Power of Short-term Missions
By H. Porter Speakman

Leadership Journal Vol. 35 No. 4 Fall 2014


30     Leading in Prayer – Max Lucado on how good prayers shake heaven and shape community. Interview by Drew Dyck

35     Doing Community Behind Bars – Prison ministry demands really practical theology. By Larry Dixon

38     The Mars & Venus Church Staff – A field guide to navigating gender sensitivities. By Margot Starbuck

40     Is Faith Sufficient for Membership? A case study in leadership discernment.

44     It Takes a Church – Adopting five foster children is impossible, unless you have the right support. By Jason Johansen

49     Serving Immigrants Saved Our Church – How welcoming the stranger revived a declining congregation. By Michael Lynch

54     Make Room for Me – New research reveals what Millennials like and don’t like about churches and what we can do to reach them. By Marian V. Liautaud



18    When Small is Better – Reenvisioning small church success. Interview with Karl Vaters

22    3 Mistakes – When Changing the World

24    Reaching Churchless America – Commentary by David Kinnaman


65    Merge Ahead – A way forward for declining churches

74    Leadership Shorts – Summary of  View from the Top by D. Michael Lindsay

78    Ideas that Work – Innovations around the ministry world.


85    High Anxiety – Leaders have lots of reasons to worry… and one overriding reason not to.

90    Getting to ‘Aha’ – Kyle Idleman on steps to transformation

94    For the Love of Fierce Variety – Commentary by Mark Buchanan


Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 50 No. 4 October 2014

Global Missions Today

395     A Discernable Quintet Impacting Church and Mission by Samuel E. Chiang

398     Every Person (from Everywhere) by Sadiri Joy Tira

401     The Great Shift: Africa in Missions by Lazarus Phiri

405     Participation in God’s Mission: Learning to Shine Like Stars by C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell

408     Navigating Post-Christendom Cultures: The Future of Mission in North America by David Fitch

414     Missiographic: 50 years of EMQ by Stan Nussbaum and ]ames Nelson

Regular Features

390     A Second Look: The Importance of History to Missiology by Gary Corwin

490     Voices in the Local Church: Every Member on Mission through Churches Everywhere by Mike Constantz

498     Excellence in Missions: 50 Years of EMQ: Looking Back and Forward


420     Seeing “Inside” the Insider Movement: Nine Theological lenses by Leonard N. Bartlotti

434     Spanish Spirituality: Who Is Most Open to Christ? By Rick Satterthwaite

448     What Is Truth? Religion,Relationships,and Reality in Post-modern Spain by ByLes Cowan

458     “Adopting” a New life by Michael Chung

464     Practicing the Welcoming Gospel: Hospitality in Cross-cultural Ministries by Benjamin D. Espinoza

484     The Importance of Communication in Establishing a Hispanic Ministry by Karen Aguilar

490     A Vision for Partnership: Radio as a Case Study by Curt Cole

Youthworker September/October 2014

10     Youth Culture Update By PaulAsay

16     Culture Watch – Digital Tools & Digital Rules By Walt Mueller

18     Christian Education – Ministering to the Whole Person Requires Wisdom By Mark Cannister

20     Worldview – One Backpack By OneLife

22     Managing Your Ministry – Managing the God-High By Syler Thomas

23     10 Minutes in God’s Word – The Spiritual Discipline of Inclusion By Barry Shafer

24     Conversations 24/7? By Mark Matlock

44     TOOLS – Teens face great struggles, and two people who can speak to their issues are Jimmy Wayne and Debra Black.  Check out Wayne’s Walk To Beautiful and Black’s God in Every Season

49     Soul Care Take That Detour By David Olshine

50     Stirring It Up – All Y’all By April Diaz

Grace Evangelical Society Vol. 27 No. 52 Spring 2014

3-15     The Novelty of Free Grace Theology, Part 1 By the Editor

17-32     A Response to Thomas R. Schreiner’s Objection to My Presentation in Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment By Robert N. Wilkin

33-56     The Two Modes of Humanity, Part 2: The History of the View By Philippe R. Sterling

57-79     Worship Wars: Theological Perspectives on Hymnody Among Early Evangelical Christians By Steve Lemke

81-108     Getting Sanctification Done: The Primacy of Narrative in Tim Keller’s Exegetical Method By Timothy F. Kauffman

109-126     Book Reviews

Touchstone Vol. 27 No. 5 September/October 2014

3    Eyeing the Sanctuary

Freedom for Churches Affirmed …For Now by JAMES HITCHCOCK


28    The Light of Everyman

Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Lecture, St. John’s Proemium & Intercultural Understanding by GRAEME HUNTER
*Christological Shift by S. M. HUTCHENS

33    The Hundred Years’ War

The Culture of Death’s Campaign Against the Catholic Church by BRANTLY MILLEGAN

38    The Business of Spiritual Man

The Role of Christianity in Peter Drucker’s Barry Work by HUNTER BAKER



Ministry & Learning by S. M. HUTCHENS


Bach to Basics by KEN MYERS

16    Thou Shalt Now Covet

ROBERT HART on Spiritual Evolution & the Myth of Equal Rights

17    Songs Without Borders

PAUL GREGORY ALMS on Why Springsteen’s “The River” Couldn’t Be Written Today

20    Absence of Evil

BENJAMIN V. BEIER on the Surprising Augustinian Grammar of The Great Gatsby

22    Food for Thought

RACHEL Lu on Growing Vegetables as a Primer in Moral Philosophy




La Disputa by Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) by MARY ELIZABETH PODLES

56    As IT Is WRITTEN …

Vineyard of the Son by PATRICK HENRY REARDON

Puritan Reformed Journal Vol. 6 No. 2 July 2014


5     The Danger of Heartless Religion: An Exposition of lsaiah 1:2-18 by MICHAEL BARRETT

16     The New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34) by MICHAEL BORG


37     Calvin on Predestination by ARTHUR MISKIN

53     John Bunyan: His Life, Writing, and Influence by GEOFF THOMAS

65     Innate Knowledge in the Thought of Wilhelmus à Brakel by TODD D. BAUCUM

88     Jonathan Edwards on the Justice of God by PETER AIKEN

103     Jonathan Edwards’s Reshaping of Lockean Terminology into a Calvinistic Aesthetic Epistemology in his Religious Affections By HYUNKWAN KIM

123     “A System of Holiness”: Andrew Fuller’s Evangelical Calvinistic Theology of Virtue by RYAN P. HOSELTON


149     Experiencing Our Only Comfort: A Post-Reformation Refocus in the Heidelberg Catechism by IAN VANVLIET

171     Assurance of Salvation: The Insights of Anthony Burgess by JOEL R. BEEKE AND PAUL SMALLEY


187     The Mouth of the Morningstar: John Wycliffe’s Preaching and the Protestant Reformation by CALEB CANGELOSI

216     Knowing God from the Heart: Samuel Davies on the Means of Grace by JOSEPH C. HARROD

258     Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s Principles of Evangelism with Application for Producing Evangelistic Church Members by SIMON J. GREEN