Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 44 No. 2 Summer 2016

107 Spirituality in Resilience Processes in International Contexts: An Introduction
Kari A. O’Grady

109 Resilience Processes During Cosmology Episodes: Lessons Learned from the Haiti Earthquake
Kari A. O’Grady and James Douglas Orton

124 Celebrating Life and Death: Resiliency Among Post-Earthquake Tibetans’ Religious Community
Rachel Sing-Kiat Ting

133 Ebola as an Existential Threat? Experimentally-Primed Ebola Reminders Intensify National Security Concerns Among Extrinsically Religious Individuals
Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Joshua N. Hook, Don E. Davis, Jamie Aten, and Edward B. Davis

142 Spirituality and Religion as Mitigating Factors in Compassion Fatigue Among Trauma Therapists in Romania
Mark Newmeyer, Benjamin Keyes, Kamala Palmer, Vanessa Kent, Sara Spong, Faith Stephen, and Mary Troy

152 Forgiveness as a Catalyst for Psychological, Physical, and Spiritual Resilience in Disasters and Crises
Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Brandon J. Griffin, Loren L. Toussaint, Camilla W. Nonterah, Shawn O. Utsey, and Rachel C. Garthe

166 A Way Forward for Spirituality, Resilience, and International Social Science
Kari A. O’Grady, James Douglas Orton, Kenneth White, and Nicole Snyder

Christian Counseling Today Vol. 21 No. 3 2016

8 From the e-team

10 Thoughts Toward Understanding the Neurobiology of Personality Disorders
Frederick A. DiBlasio.

18 Personality and Faith Development: The Nature vs. Nurture Debate
John C. Thomas

24 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: A Christian Approach to the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder
Marian Eberly

30 I Need You: Dependent Personality Disorder
Gregory L. Jantz

36 High Conflict Relationships: Working with Antisocial People
Linda Mintle

40 Detached: The Traumatized Personality
Eric Scalise

44 The Eccentrics: Paranoid, Schizoid and Schizotypal Personalities
Miriam Stark Parent

48 Personality and the Disconnections of Intimacy
Gary Sibcy

58 The Word Applied
H.B. London, Jr.

60 Looking Inward
Diane Langberg

62 Reflections
Gary Moon

64 Shrink Notes
Michael Lyles

66 Law, Ethics & Liability
John Sandy

68 Leadership Psyc
Henry Cloud

70 Research Digest
Mark Yarhouse

75 CounselQuiz

77 From the Heart
Tim Clinton

Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 44 No. 1 Spring 2016

3 Spiritual Struggles and Religious Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Randomized Clinical Trial in Those with Depression and Chronic Medical Illness
Michelle J. Pearce and Harold G. Koenig

16 The Transgressor’s Response to Denied Forgiveness
David J. Jennings, II , Everett L. Worthington, Jr. Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Joshua N. Hook, Don E. Davis, Aubrey L Gartner, Chelsea L. Greer, and Davrd K. Mosher

28 Is It Really More Blessed to Give Than to Receive? A Consideration of Forgiveness and Perceived Health
Rodney L. Bassett, Evan Carrier, Katherine Charleson. Na Ra Pak, Rachael Schwingel, Alexandra Majors, Meredith Pitre, Andrea Sundlof-Stoller, and Carol Blaser

42 Effects of Narcissism and Religiosity on Church Ministers With Respect to Ethical Judgment, Confidence, and Forgiveness
Marjorie J. Cooper, Chris Pullig, and Charles Dickens

55 A Qualitative Review and Integrative Model of Gratitude and Physical Health
Caroline R. Lavelock, Brandon J. Griffin, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Eric G. Benotsch, Yin Lin, Chelsea L. Greer, Rachel C. Garthe, Jennifer A. Coleman,
Chelsea M. Hughes, Don E. Davis, and Joshua N. Hook

85 A Theological and Psychological Provision al Definition of Narcissism
Mario Bergner

Psychology Today Vol. 49 No. 2 Mar/Apr 2016

3 Editor’s Note

4 Contributors

7 Letters

11 Insights
Lessons in sexual desire; our complicated love affair with meat; the trap that snares winners; why we splurge on jewels.

22 Unconventional Wisdom The value of flirting; lovers in name, not in deed.

27 ECCENTRIC’S CORNER Super-¬≠skeptic David Helfand won’t be fooled by misinformation.

31 SUPPLEMENTAL SCIENCE: Melatonin does a lot more for your brain than just help you sleep.

36 NATURE’S BOUNTY Wine has its virtues, abetting both health and pleasure.

38 BEREAVEMENT: New dimensions of grief in the age of social media.

42 2-MINUTE MEMOIR: A breakup with a close friend is uniquely shattering.

46 BOOKS: The predictive value-and limits-of infant temperament, and other fundamentals of human nature.

48 It’s Not All About You! Tired of anxiously ruminating or wallowing in self-absorption? Maybe you need to get out of your own head by taking in mountain vistas or looking up at the stars. The experience of awe may be the balm that can counteract our narcissistic age.

58 The Big Stall: In school and in the work place, young men are falling behind their female peers. New reports-and men themselves-suggest how they have been knocked for a loop by their changing status.

66 Moment of Impact: Young people who experience a psychotic break have long been treated with drugs and little else. But a revolutionary new treatment model may promise a remedy with radically better outcomes.

74 The Prodigy’s Brother: Researchers are teasing out the genetic connections between prodigies and children with autism to better understand the former and better assist the latter. Enter the Gilbert brothers.

96 Final Analysis

Psychology Today Vol. 49 No. 1 Jan/Feb 2016

3 Editor’s Note

4 Contributors

6 Letters

9-21 Insights How we choose, shape, and relate to our favorite places-indoors and out.

23 Unconventional Wisdom

25 ECCENTRIC’S CORNER Culinary historian Bee Wilson has some thoughts about why we eat so poorly and who’s to blame.

29 SUPPLEMENTAL SCIENCE Vitamin Dis crucial for minds and bodies. Most of us need more of it.

32 MATING: Mindfulness may play a vital role in helping land a partner.

34 2-MINUTE MEMOIR: A divorcee discovers that her ex-husband is perfect in the role of partial spouse.

39 BOOKS: A 20th-century effort to create a database of dreams is a parable for the modern era.

42 Odd Emotions: We often experience feelings we can’t quite describe: The sense that everyone knows the way forward but us; the tranquility of being inside during a storm. Discover how wrapping our heads around these emotions, and even naming them, can boost our mental health.

52 Trivers’ Pursuit: Evolution’s enfant terrible, Robert Trivers, has been lauded as one of our greatest thinkers. But even as he’s won his accolades, this renegade scientist has irked academia with blunt talk and bad manners.

60 How to Pick a President: Vitality is necessary. Ditto optimism. But governing today also requires traits rooted in the cortex, like curiosity and judgment-qualities of the leader we need, if not the one we want.

68 My Brother, the Unabomber: Ted and David Kaczynski were closely bonded in childhood. Decades later, when David discovered that his beloved brother had a terrible secret, he faced a test like no other.

Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 43 No. 4 Winter 2015

231 The Relationship of Self-Compassion with Perfectionistic Self-Presentation, Perceived Forgiveness, and Perceived Social Support in an Undergraduate Christian Community
Kaitlyn E. Brodar, Laura Barnard Crosskey, and Robert J. Thornpson, Jr.

243 Church Support as a Predictor of Children’s Spirituality and Prosocial Behavior
Robert G. Crosby III and Erin I. Srnith

255 Intellectual Humility and Forgiveness of Religious Conflict
Hansong Zhang, Jennifer E. Farrell, Joshua N. Hook, Don E. Davis, Daryl R. Van Tongeren, and Kathryn A Johnson

263 Relational Commitment as a Mediator of Religiousness to Marital Quality
Joel c. Mitchell, Keith J. Edwards, Scott B. Hunt, and Paul Poelstra

271 God Images and Resilience: A Study of Vietnamese Immigrants
Thanh Tu Nguyen, Christian Bellehumeur, and Judith Malette

283 Mental Health of Cross-Cultural Healthcare Missionaries
Mark A Strand, Lauren M. Pinkston, Alice I. Chen, and Jarrett W. Richardson

294 Index for Volume 43

Psychology Today Vol. 47 No. 8 Nov/Dec 2015

3 Editor’s Note
4 Contributors
6 Letters
9-23 Insights: What we don’t get about politicians; why we trust strangers; before you spill a secret…
25 Unconventional Wisdom

29 ECCENTRIC’S CORNER: David Grazian is the zookeeper who went native.

33 SUPPLEMENTAL SCIENCE: Omega-3 fats are essential for brain function at every phase of life.

36 NATURE’S BOUNTY: Insects are crawling onto the menus of America’s best restaurants.

38 PARTNERSHIP: For long-term satisfaction in a relationship, not all partner traits are created equal.

41 BOOKS: We’re drawn to conspiracy theories in part because we hate uncertainty.

46 The 10-Second: Take People can learn a fair amount about you within the first few moments of meeting you-how positive or negative you are and the general outlines of your personality. But when it comes to looking for love, first impressions are not a good guide.

54 Think Like a Shrink: We all play amateur psychologist in sizing others up. The real pros correct for our inborn biases. Here’s how to do it right.

58 Sympathy for the Deviant: The stigma surrounding sexual attraction to children makes it very tough to get help. Yet the story of one remorseful offender suggests that acts of abuse can be prevented.

68 A Tale of Two Sisters: A gymnast born without legs grows up idolizing an Olympian, who she later learns is actually her sister. Their connection shines new light on the genetic and environmental roots of athletic success.

76 Catching Madness: Can strep throat trigger disorders like OCD, Tourette’s, or anorexia? And can cat litter lead to schizophrenia? It’s time to unravel the links between bacteria and madness.

96 Final Analysis