Christian Scholar’s Review 43 No. 4 Summer 2014

Gender Differences at Christian and Secular Colleges

Radical Orthodox Economics

Determining the Truth of Abuse  in Mission Communities: A Rejoinder and New Agenda

Response to Evinger and Darr’s”Determining  the Truth of Abuse in Mission Communities”

393    TRISHA POSEY, Crossing Boundaries: Christian Higher Education in Africa
405    JOHN LUNN, Money: The Unauthorized Biography

411    DAVID  BENTLEY HART, The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness,  Bliss
Reviewed by Bryan C. Hollon
414    NICK  WATSON AND ANDREW  PARKER,  EDS.,  Sports and Christianity: Historical and Con­temporary Perspectives
Reviewed by Brian R. Bolt
416    ROBERT  TRACY  McKENZIE, The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us about Loving God and Learning from History
Reviewed by Richard W. Pointer
418    NICHOLAS WOLTERSTORFF, The Mighty and the Almighty: An Essay in Political Theology
Reviewed by Alexander Jech
421    ROBBIE   F. CASTLEMAN,  Story-Shaped Worship: Following Patterns from the Bible and History
Reviewed by Andrew M. McCoy

International Journal of Frontier Missiology Vol. 30.2 – Feb. 2014

47 From the Editor’s Desk by Brad Gill
Getting Behind Our Labels


49 The Old Testament and Insider Movements by Harley Talman
You may find the Old Testament’s attitude toward other religions surprising.

59 Bridging the “Socio-Religious” Divide: A conversation between two Missiologists
Gene Daniels and L. D. Waterman
There may be more to “religion” than meets the eye.

67 Two Church Planting Paradigms by Ted Esler
Do newer models simply reprioritize older values?

75 Why Can’t Evangelicals Agree? Clarrfying Evangelical Responses to Insider Movements and Familial Language Translations by Larry W. Caldwell
What makes us more ‘ conservative” or “progressive” in our missiology?

Book Reviews

88 My Mother’s Sons: Managing Sexuality in Islamic and Christian Communities

89 Religion,Science and Empire:
Classifying Hinduism and Islam in British India

90 Why Religions Spread: The Expansion of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam with Implications for Missions

International Journal of Frontier Missiology vol 29 No 3

Missiology En Route

111 From the Editor’s Desk Brad  Gill
African  missiology en route.


113 Part II: Reconsidering Our Biblical Roots: Bible Interpretation, the Apostle Paul and Mission Today
Larry W. Caldwell
Can a ”chicken theology” compare with Western hermeneutics?

123 An Enduring Legacy: Reflections on the Contribution  of Western Protestant Missions from a Frontier Mission Perspective
David Taylor
After 200 years are we still fuzzy on the Great Commission?

129 Turning it Beautiful: Divination, Discernment and a Theology of Suffering
Alan Howell
Ultimately we must confront the dark side of religion.

139 Growth  Amidst Persecution: A Comparison of the Evangelical Church in Communist China and the Soviet Union
John E. White
Is “the blood of the martyrs” always “the seed of the church”?

Book Reviews
148 Summoned from the Margin: Homecoming of an African
151 Karukku
Untouchable Spring
152 The last Brahmin: Life and Reflections of a Modern-day Sanskrit Pandit

In Others’ Words
154 Endangered Languages:Digital Media (and Hip-Hop) to the Rescue
Save Maryam or Save Udin?
Fun with Statistics: Gapminder

Journal of Evangelism and Missions Vol. 11 Spring 2012

1.   This or That? The Tension between Two Mandates in
Christian Mission by David Allen Bledsoe
9.   Meeting Human Needs and Proclaiming the Gospel: A Growing and Often Polarizing Trend in Missions Today by J. Jeffrey Palmer
22.   Word and Deed as Effective Mission Strategy by Pat
34.   God’s Gas Station:The Mission Arlington® Story by Jim
Burgin and Tillie Burgin
44.   A God Thing: An Ordinary Preacher Follows an Extraordinary God to Reach the Least of These by Charles Roesel and Samuel Smith
56.   Evangelism and Social Ministries at New Hope Baptist
Mission by John Rech
70.   Love One Another, as I Have Loved You by Barbara Akins
81.   Ministry-Evangelism and Growth in New York by Ray
90.   Vance Houston Havner October 17, 1901- August 1,
1986 by Bob Pitman
102. Teaching Them to Obey: The Great Commission  and
Discipleship  by Chuck Lawless
116. Book Reviews

EMQ Vol 48 No 2 April 2012

140     The Importance of the Missionary Society in  Peru: Asociacion Misionera Evangelica Nacional
By Samuel Cueva
A look at the origins and structure of the first indigenous mission in Peru and its importance for missions in the third millennium.

150     Reaching Out to Muslims: A Kairos Moment  for Hispanic Christians
By Diana  Barrera
We are living in a time when God is giving the Hispanic Church the opportunity to reach out to Muslims.

156     Missions from a Personal Latin American Perspective
By Manuel J. Gutierrez
When Latinos ask about getting involved in missions, the approach to getting them started is not simple.

162     Walk with  Me (Part 2): The Path to Interdependency
By Daniel Rickett
In part two of his discussion, Rickett shares a proposal by which the Western Church and the Majority World Church can bridge the wealth divide and realize the unity we have in Christ.

172    Seven Biblical Themes for Language Learning
By Michael Lessard-Ciouston
Although  vital to cross-cultural missions, language learning presents a major challenge for missionaries. The author introduces biblical themes for language learning.

182    Lifestyle Choices in Missions: What to Carry/ What to Leave Behind
By Christine Jeske
The author shares five questions cross-cultural workers need to ask when making lifestyle choices.

190    The Spiritual Formation of Mission Leaders
By David Teague
The author discusses the importance of communion, community, and ministry in leadership.
198        How Translation Techniques Aid in Communicating the Bible Cross-culturally
By Kenneth Nehrbass
How can we bridge the culture and language gap so that we communicate scripture’s intended meaning? The author shares seven common  “tools of the trade” Bible translators utilize to get the meaning across accurately and clearly.

208    A Guide to Successful International Scholarships
By James L. Hansen
Six key components in one international  scholarship program in Bolivia have led to great success in Christian leaders making an impact both nationally and globally.

216    Discovering “Who” Is the Silver Bullet of World Evangelism: Eight Missiological lmplications
By Cecil VV. Stalnaker
Missionaries must grasp both intellectually and emotionally that God is the silver bullet in world evangelism. If not, they may respond in at least eight unhealthy ways.

226    Birthing a Community-oriented, Mission-minded Body of Believers
By II. J. D-Davidson
How one Bible/ministry training program empowered Christians in rural China to become a fully-functioning body of believers without dependence on foreign input.

134    A Second Look: When We Disagree
By Gary Corwin
136    Perspectives: Sense and Nonsense of Large-scale Evangelism
By Dwight Martin and Marten Visser
234    Mission Resources on the Web: The MisLinks Story
By A. Scott Moreau  and Mike O’Rear
240    Book Reviews