World Magazine Oct 2016

5   Joel Belz

16  Janie B. Cheaney

17  John R. Erickson

30  Mindy Belz

61  Mailbag

63  Andree Seu Peterson

64  Marvin Olasky

32 Running with the bulls                Mike Pence and Tim Kaine face the challenge of sharing a ticket with an unpopular and controversial leader. Can the VP nominees reassure voters even as they stir a bit of their own controversy?

38 Enforcer of the Philippines              Filipino Christians are offering the gospel to the island nation’s drug pushers.  New President Rodrigo Duterte is offering the barrel of a gun

42 Sowing fear             Why are ISIS-affiliated groups putting random Americans on hit lists?

46 Hurry up and assimilate                 For international students in America, fitting in is hard-but some Christian-run programs are helping

50 Loving God, raising worms           For “Uncle Jim” Shaw, raising European night crawlers and red wigglers is no small calling